Ensure Smooth Performance of your Apps with
Performance Testing

Don’t you get frustrated when a website you surf takes forever to load or you are in the middle of a transaction and the page doesn’t load! These page loading problems lead to an unsatisfactory experience for the end users which ultimately leads to less returning visitors.

To sustain in this digital world, one should keep their end users satisfied by providing the expected performance & delivery to end users.

A survey states that:

Performance Testing Webpage

of consumers say that waiting for pages to load is their least favorite thing about shopping via mobile
Performance Testing Webpage

Internet users say they have come across freezing site, crashing, error pages and time outs!
Performance Testing Webpage

of the websites are having performance issues

Need & Benefits of Performance Testing

When is your application considered as performing well? Does your enterprise think that your apps are operating fine? Your application is considered performing well only when each transaction gets completed in very less time without any glitches. Customer facing websites need to offer their customers a seamless and lightning-fast experience along with a fast and a stable mobile app. These will be key factors as to whether customers will use the app, or they will uninstall it at the first instant. Performance testing is the testing that is performed to measure the availability, response time, throughput and utilization of the applications and see to it that it meets expectations under a given level of load.

Benefits of Performance Testing:

Performance-Testing-Webpage Evaluate risk and determine system capabilities
Performance-Testing-Webpage Prevent revenue and credibility loss due to poor application performance
Performance-Testing-Webpage Measure the speed, accuracy and stability of your software
Performance-Testing-Webpage Enable intelligent planning for future expansion
Performance-Testing-Webpage Bottleneck Identification
Performance-Testing-Webpage Reduce unplanned downtime

Streebo’s Offering in Performance Testing



Monitors how your web application responds to your regular traffic loads


Displays the heavy web traffic breaking your web


Shows how load impacts your application over long durations


Displays the highest load of users

How Streebo can help you achieve your
performance testing goals?

Performance Testing-Webpage

Provide comprehensive analysis, monitoring & recommendations for performance improvements
Performance Testing-Webpage

Help increase Page speed / Quick App Load Time to retain customers
Performance Testing-Webpage

Improve optimization and load capability
Performance Testing-Webpage

Define the Scalability of your app
Performance Testing-Webpage

Identify possible system bottlenecks before they become problematic

Why Streebo?

  • Extensive experience in API/Server Performance and Mobile Application performance analysis
  • Expertise on IBM Watson workspace and a unique solution to test chatbot performance. Read more about Streebo’s chatbot testing services.
  • Unparalleled Run-time Analysis and Detailed Reporting of your system
  • Complete exploration and recommendation for performance improvement on web and mobile
  • Expertise over all IBM performance tools such as IBM RPT and other widely acclaimed tools such as Jmeter and load runner
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