Accelerate the Process of Recruiting New Talent

Recruitment Management System
For bringing the right talent in the organization, the expert team of HR involve themselves each day in the recruitment process. In the competitive world today, HR teams cannot afford to slow down in any recruitment-related activities. When HR teams work with a recruitment management system, they can lay down the strategy for candidate-hunting in a much faster way.

An online recruitment management system enables the HR team to process smoothly at every step of the recruitment system, including posting candidate requirement, communication with the interested candidate, setting up evaluation tests, final onboarding of the new candidates into the organization and much more. Streebo’s Recruitment Management System provides a complete solution to HR team. It activates a time-saving and cost-effective approach for hiring new talent with added benefits at every stage of the recruitment process.

Activate a Smoother Journey for Company’s
Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Team

Streebo specializes in building recruitment management software system for companies by introducing automation in the recruitment process. It eliminates the need to constantly fill out paper-forms, update information on multiple forms and send the messages to team members and candidates via several internal meetings.

The recruitment management system also provides the recruiter useful insights about the candidate like interview availability, his/her key skills, notice period information and compensation expectations. Recruiters are over-burdened with candidate information and therefore a recruitment management system helps them take the right move quickly.

The collected candidate information helps the recruiters engage best talent in their team easily and in setting up an overall smoother experience.
Recruitment Management System

Features of Streebo Recruitment System

1. Automates Manual Tasks
It assists the staff for tasks like screening resumes, outreaching candidates and scheduling interviews by using a detailed, comprehensive, well-designed system that the companies can rely on for all their recrui
2. Easy Candidate Management
Makes the process of finding, organizing and contacting candidates smooth.
3. User-friendly Interface
Provides state-of-the-art UI that include limitless customization options, drag & drop interface and intuitive data entry system for the HR team.
4. Comprehensive Analytics with an intuitive dashboard and Reporting system
Delivers an insightful look into the system by gauging performance of the entire hiring process.
Recruitment Management System

Self-regulate HR Related Data Capture & Maintenance Using Smart Recruitment Management System

Streebo’s DX Accelerator is a bundle that contains a Digital platform and its set of no or low code tooling that allows IT teams and Line of Business to collaboratively and rapidly assemble slick and intuitive Web, Mobile and Chat Bot interfaces that can be easily integrated with enterprise web-services using point-and-click software.

With single code base, companies can roll-out application and its updates for all digital assets -thus reducing the maintenance costs.

Reduce the Communication
Gap with Smart AI Recruiting Chatbot

Streebo Chatbot Builder powered by IBM Technology is a low or no-code tool that lets you build secure and scalable chatbots with just a drag and drop .Streebo can seamlessly embed chatbot on Web apps, mobile apps or 3rd party chat messengers like Facebook & WhatsApp to allow sharing candidate information, data reports, list of finalized candidates, schedule, contract and HR related information or documents instantly. It can be deployed on-premise or on-cloud and integrated with any enterprise backends with just a point and click.
Recruitment Management System
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