Renting a property becomes easy and efficient

Are you a home-solutions firm that bridges the gap between home owners/landlords and tenants? Then make this process more efficient, streamline workflows and centralize your data. Allow landlords/home owners to easily list their properties for renting. Cut down the chaos of daily operations and formalize the rental process for tenants! Rental property management app enables to streamline the process of renting out a property, manage regular rent payment, and numerous other things that involves collaboration between a home owner and tenant

Features of a rental property management system

Hr Business Suite

Easily create attractive property listings that prospective tenants need to know. Share these listings on your network, website and social media.
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Allow sharing all relevant document copies and agreements online and enable all formalities and verification process using features like photo and rich media sharing, signature, Geo tagging and more!
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Maintain records of contact number, and details of both the tenant and the land lord.
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Allow secure payment via your app and ensure that rent in paid on time. Send alerts and notifications about missed deadlines.
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Let tenants update landlord of maintenance and repair requirements by uploading images and media files, bills and repair requests on the rental property management application
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Automated notifications to inform prospective tenants about a vacant property.
Hr Business Suite

Easily track complaint status, number of vacant properties, overdue rent and other such important actionable metrics to manage your business in a better manner.
Hr Business Suite
Easily create attractive property listings that prospective tenants need to know. Share these listings on your network, website and social media.

Benefits of automating your rental and property
leasing business with a rental property
management software!

Performance-Testing-Webpage Find multiple rental properties at a single place.
Performance-Testing-Webpage Easy and secure payments with autogenerated receipts.
Performance-Testing-Webpage A worry-free leasing/renting process.
Performance-Testing-Webpage Quick and easy collaboration.
Performance-Testing-Webpage Online submission and ack of repair requests and other issues.
Performance-Testing-Webpage Efforts and cost of renting a property reduce considerably.

Deliver A Personal Experience with Chatbot Integration

Streebo has a special add-on that will make your existing rental property management application voice and chat activated instantly. We leverage top of the line IBM Watson assistant technology, to deliver highly secure conversational experiences. You can also choose an NLP of your choice and surface a conversational interface, over your rental property management system in no time.

Looking for speedy rental property management software deployment?

Accommodate the changing requirements of rental property management processes with our low code no code tooling with a drag and drop interface. Create multiple intelligent forms in no time with the help of form templates and integrate the property management software with any backend including web-services, RDBMS, ERPs and legacy systems using the point and click integration feature. Efficiently manage property listing, rental agreements, timely payment of rent and more at reduced operational costs. With a single click, it is easy to add text-fields ensuring a desired productive flow of work. IT and NON-IT teams can effortlessly build mobile forms and deploy them on browsers, tablets, and mobiles with a single click of a button. All this 2x faster and at half the development cost!

Why Streebo?

project management Cross-platform omnichannel apps
With expertise in complex projects implementation with modern infrastructure
project managementPower to Business
With ‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for IT/LoB to modify and manage apps at ease
project managementHighly Skilled Team
With expertise in handling complex projects implementation with modern infrastructure
project management Lower Maintenance Cost
With a single code base for all digital assets and automation tool
project managementFlexible Deployment Options
To deploy on-premise OR on cloud
project managementComprehensive Security
For 3rd party integrations and secure payment gateways
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