Multi-device strategy with
single code base development!

Single code based app development
For businesses, faster development and deployment of the application gives them a competitive edge and hands them the ability to accelerate business benefits such as reduced operational cost and increased revenue. Single code-based development platform lets the developers build the app once and deploy it on various devices simultaneously without any need of building them individually. Hence, Single Code Base applications are easy to manage. Further, it is easy to make updates to all these applications running on multiple devices. Any updates can be rolled out easily without investing heavily in managing multiple deployment schedules of multiple application roll-outs of various devices (laptop, mobile, tablet).

Why single code base app development is desirable?

Single codebase app development

You can build applications with less coding efforts and deliver robust, scalable and secure hybrid applications 2x faster
Single code based app development

You can reduce the complexity as well as cost of building the application by nearly 30%
Single code based app development

You can publish updates with a single click of a button without comprising on application downtime or performance

High-performance application development with
Digital Experience Accelerator Platform

Experience a native-like performance with a single code base development for your web and mobile applications. With Streebo DX Accelerator’s low code no code tool, businesses can rapidly assemble a sleek, intuitive and secure Web, Mobile and Chatbot interfaces using a simple drag and drop interface. Businesses can also embed AI features such as chatbot, visual recognition, fingerprint authentication etc. on web, app and 3rd party chat clients. Moreover, all the platforms can be seamlessly integrated with backend systems using a point and click interface
Single code based app development

Why Streebo?

Single code based app development Comprehensive Security
Applications built using DXA are highly robust and scalable with highly secure 3rd party integrations and payment gateways
Single code based app development Compliance
Applications built using DXA are compliant with the industry-standard frameworks like Ionic, Angular JS etc
Single code based app development Low code no code tooling
Using DXA’s low code no code tooling, slick and intuitive applications can be rapidly assembled
Single code based app development Drag and Drop Interface
Easily modify and manage apps using DXA’s drag and drop interface and point and click integration
Single code based app development Single Code Base
Manage a single code base and roll-out application updates for all digital assets – thus reducing the maintenance costs
Single code based app development Flexible Deployment Options
Applications built using DXA can be deployed on-premise or on cloud