Adapt to the AI Trend and Stay Ahead in the Market

As the AI trend grows exponentially, chatbots are gradually becoming a necessity for all industries. The growing demand for chat over websites and mobile apps has made it imperative for businesses to embed intelligent chatbots on multiple platforms to increase engagement. As the AI curve is still in its growing stage, businesses can integrate intelligent chatbots, automate processes and leverage early adopter advantage as virtual assistant chatbots are a big competitive differentiator in this digital era.

The average attention span of people has come down to 8 seconds from 12 seconds in the year 2000. People spend more time on messaging apps than on social media. A recent study states that over 1 billion users actively use messaging apps – this clearly shows that businesses need to move to a new dimension! As the demand for chat increases, embedding a comprehensive chatbot is the ideal way to cope with the numerous inquiries coming in through various channels. An intuitive & interactive conversational interface that is available 24*7 and gives personalized support on the customer’s preferred platform is key to expand reach, increase ROI and transform business processes. A Juniper Research states that chatbots could save businesses up to 8 billion dollars per year cross industries!

Characteristics of a well-developed Virtual Assistant Chatbot for businesses!

Virtual Assistant Chatbot 24×7 customer support – anytime anywhere.
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Voice activation for easy and handsfree conversations
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Omnichannel experience across web, mobile and third-party messenger like Facebook or WhatsApp
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Easily cross-sells and upsells products/services based on customer behavior and conversations.
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Understands intent, learns from conversations and improves customer experience
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Multilingual capabilities to provide support in regional and commonly used languages
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Instant response to customer
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Never gets tired, performs the same mundane tasks again and again at high speed

Streebo Chatbot Builder

Streebo Chatbot Builder with its unique set of low or no code tooling allows IT & Line of Business teams to rapidly assemble secure, interactive & intuitive chatbot interfaces in no time! The drag and drop interface lets you easily manage the chatbot and seamlessly deploy it on multiple platforms i.e. web, mobile apps, 3rd party chat messengers etc. Built in conjunction with IBM Product Labs and leveraging the industry leading IBM Watson & Cloud and DX Manager technologies, Streebo Chatbot Builder cuts the development cost & time of building chatbot by 50%.

Key Differentiators of Streebo Chatbot Builder

Virtual Assistant Chatbot Automation Builder
Drag & Drop interface for easier creation & management of chat interfaces
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Flexible NLP Selection
Select an NLP of your choice – IBM Watson, or other – to be integrated with bot
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Lower Development & Maintenance Cost
Single code base for all digital assets and automation tool
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Cross-Platform Availability
Embed chatbots on web, app or 3rd party chat messengers like Facebook Messenger
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Comprehensive Security
Powered by IBM Technology, Streebo Chatbots are highly secure
Virtual Assistant Chatbot Flexible Deployment Options
Applications built using DXA have flexible deployment options of on-premise or on cloud.
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