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An Online Auction House automates its key Business Processes by implementing AI Powered Conversational Interface powered by HCL and Streebo.

The Auction site receives about 3M visitors and almost 50K bidders annually and visitors typically ask a lot of questions about the site services and upcoming auctions. This process has become unmanageable for the current staff as the site continues a steep growth curve. To modernize customer support operations, the Auctioneer was looking for a better and more efficient way to field inbound inquiries pertaining to upcoming auction items, general FAQs, and user registrations.

Streebo will deploy an intuitive Chatbot on the client’s website, which will be powered by HCL Leap, from the HCL DXM portfolio of products. The leading HCL product will make the solution cutting-edge, robust, scalable, and secure. Streebo’s Chatbot solution would not only answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) but will also facilitate users to register with the Auction House instantly. Thus, providing users quick, consistent, 24×7 customer support as well as an accelerated way to place well informed Bids on the website via the Chatbot. Further, it will allow the users to check the Auction House’s Inventory and browse through equipment and vehicles that will be up for auction in the coming future.

You can now download the case study. Thanks for your Interest.

Thanks for your interest in our case study.

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