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US-based Pharmaceutical Machine Inspection Solution Provider Integrates Expense Management with Travel Desk Using Streebo Cloud DXA Solutions

US-based global Pharmaceutical machine inspection solution provider simplifies travel and expense reimbursement process for their Sales and Finance teams using Streebo Cloud DXA Expense Management solution. The app helped them reduce the paperwork and eliminate the need to keep track of excel sheets and emails for managing expense and itinerary for the domestic and overseas travel.

Expense Management and Travel Desk solutions are specifically designed to automate the manual tasks making the process of expense management, reimbursement process, managing itineraries of the team/individuals travelling domestic and international), tracking travel and business expenses seamless and smooth. These solutions are part of our Cloud DXA solution which provides business suite of digital solutions and apps specifically designed to cater the needs of a growing organization. Our digital suite of solutions makes it easier to collaborate within and outside the functions in an organization.

You can now download the case study. Thanks for your Interest.

Thanks for your interest in our case study.

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