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We integrate visual storytelling in our videos along with our attention to details which stands out from the rest. With the variety of animation styles today, the visual comminication has become more interactive. Our designers and marketers understand your business and target audience, and creates an animated video blending styles that best brings out your messaging, educates customers and maximises engagement.
animated video production

Styles of Videos

Screencast Video

A simple screen capture video of a desktop or mobile which showcases how your product or service works. These videos are more about education than branding.

Cartoon Style or Character Animated Video

This video style uses cartoon character animation to explain a product or service. The character personality is built as close to the audience to empathize with them. These videos are quite popular as they create a better connection with the viewers.

Whiteboard Animation

This technique is created by a cartoonist or illustrator, who draws on a whiteboard while being recorded by a camera. These types of videos are great for explaining complex information in a straightforward way.

Motion Graphics

This kind of video offers an engaging style for businesses with a more serious role and is a great way to explain abstract or complex concepts. It uses graphic elements in movement and use metaphors and syntax along with a powerful pallete of colors to convey complex messages that would have been impossible to otherwise convey. Recommended for B2B communication.

Motion Graphics with 3D Elements

Motion Graphics animation with 3D elements integration brings a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Cartoon Style with Motion Graphics

It’s one of the most popular videos out there and, as simple as it sounds, it’s a mix of techniques. Cartoon characters lead the story and provide a close approach with the audience, while the use of motion graphics animation is used to explain complex concepts. Recommended for B2C communication.

Stop Motion

It’s a handcrafted animated video. An animator will take a picture every time each object moves, so 30 photos would result in 1 second of animation, and so on. It is an expensive affair.

3D Animated Videos

A professional 3D animated video could be really amazing, since there are no limits to what a 3D video can accomplish. A character or motion graphics animation can also be developed in 3D with amazing results.

Video Production Process

Our experts work closely with you in every step of the video production process to ensure the alignment with your brand.


We conduct a thorough discussion with your team to understand product, target audience, messaging & budget to prepare a blueprint.


Our expert content writers creates script which conveys a meaningful story which is then used for creating storyboard for the video.

Delivery and

We help you strategize the video promotion activities to ensure it
reaches maximum audience by targeting right keywords.


Production and Post-Production

We create a first draft of the video along with backgorund score & voice over & get your feedback before creating a final version.

Our Featured Projects

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