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Digital Transformation for the Healthcare
Insurance Business

Both, the modern-day consumer and the employee, want to adopt a digital approach. While the consumer wants the insurance provider to be available 24×7 to resolve queries and provide instant access to data on demand; the employee wants to be empowered by easy access to accurate information that helps him to sell/process confidently. Similarly, the hospitals, pharmacies and pathology labs also want to connect with insurance providers digitally. Digitizing health insurance business will streamline a host of processes such as sale, purchase, distribution, claim settlement, and grievance redressal, thus addressing the needs of the customer, the employee, the partners (like hospitals and pharmacies) and the insurance agents.

Healthcare Insurance Suite – powered by
IBM and Streebo

Healthcare-Insurance Box
Securely manage share and access your files from anywhere
Healthcare-Insurance IBM Connections
Bring all your people on a collaborative platform and perform at peak productivity

Digitally Powered Healthcare Insurance Ecosystem

For Customers

Healthcare-Insurance Compare Insurance plans and take an informed decision
Healthcare-Insurance Pay premium or renew a policy
Healthcare-Insurance Get cost estimates and plan ahead
Healthcare-Insurance Locate agents easily
Healthcare-Insurance Locate nearby hospitals, medical facilities, and physicians
Healthcare-Insurance Check co-pays deductibles and more

For Agents

Healthcare-Insurance Get important notifications, updates, and policy requests
Healthcare-Insurance Easily tap into the knowledge center and sell with confidence
Healthcare-Insurance Manage quotations, leads, and claims processing efficiently
Healthcare-Insurance Make a premium payment on behalf of the client

Other Stakeholders

Healthcare-Insurance Hospitals
Collaborate with the Insurance provider to share medical reports
Healthcare-Insurance Pharmacies & medical stores
Share invoices and medical bills for immediate filing processing
Healthcare-Insurance Laboratories
Upload test reports over a secure platform to help insurers and approvers access the claim
Healthcare-Insurance Insurance inspectors and approvers
Collaborate and send approval/rejection reports

Benefits of IBM + Streebo – Healthcare Insurance suite

Healthcare-Insurance 40% reduction in Development cost
Healthcare-Insurance Faster time to Market
Healthcare-Insurance Modernized insurance compliance with secure storage using the box platform
Healthcare-Insurance Set up security governance and access control for HIPAA compliance
Healthcare-Insurance Integrate applications and collaborate eloquently
Healthcare-Insurance Move health Insurance claims faster

Box Storage – Where content meets collaboration

Health data is cumbersome, and privacy requirements are rigid. For Health Insurance providers, management of content, setting layers of access control and modernizing workflows are essential to Digital Transformation. The cloud content management platform – box allows optimum security for storage of highly critical data. With box – insurance providers can store, collaborate, and manage content and processes it at one place while also adhering to health insurance compliance and industry standards.

IBM Connections – Integrated Collaboration Platform

IBM® Connections™ is a collaboration platform that lets organizations improve productivity by allowing teams within and outside the organization, to create and collaboratively edit documents. The cognitive and analytics capabilities of the platform lets the connections make informed decisions and identify priority tasks. A set up of integrated applications and easy communication keeps the employees engaged and the ecosystem agile, thus keeping the organizations productivity at its peak.
Leverage the power of Streebo and IBM’s collaboration platforms and accelerate Digital Transformation!