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Support, Customizations and Training for Mobile Forms



We will build your forms for you for a small fee which depends on the size and complexity of the form

Customizations &

For specialized requests like payment integration, adding templates or branding requests, we will build these for a small fee

Training &

We organize remote and on-site training programs to help you leverage the full potential of our form builder engine

Set Up

Streebo will help you set up the entire mobile forms solution with integration to existing back-ends to ensure smooth transition for your organization.
Drive Enterprise Efficiency with Superior Data Collection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

  • Can we make the mobile forms more attractive through the form builder? Does it require any custom development?
    Most of the UI enhancements can be done through minor CSS element integration on the FEB console. In case of anything specific which FEB is not able to handle, Streebo can help you with the custom development.
  • Are pre-defined templates made available on the Form Builder console?
    Yes, 100+ forms templates across 20 industries are available on the Form Builder console. Some of these templates are made available to our customer depending upon their industry and use case. Check out a few of our pre-built forms here.
  • Are the rules and validations to be implemented during the form creation stage or custom developed while creating the mobile application?
    Rules and validations are added to the form during the form building process itself.
  • How quickly can I made changes in existing forms and does the user have to download a new version of the app every time there is an update?
    If any change needs to be made to a form, then the user can simply change the form through our form builder tool and import the revised file to Mobile Forms console, thereby generating an updated version of the form. The app will get auto-updated the next time the end-user opens the app. There is no need to download a new version for every change made in the form.
  • We want to conduct a field survey and typing in all the information in a form is time consuming. Can I collect the customer responses in Audio/Video format as well?
    Sure. Mobile Forms can include native device features like audio and video as well. Read about more features here.
  • Can a PDF copy of the filled form be generated and mailed to list of pre-decided recipients through the app?
    Yes. PDF version of the form can be generated and it can be sent directly to any number of recipients.
  • What payment options are available for Streebo Mobile Forms?
    You can choose to pay one time or select the monthly payment option. Click here to find information on our monthly pricing plans.
  • What would it cost me if I have different number of forms & devices requirement than the one mentioned in the pricing sheet?
    For exact pricing, please drop a note to info@streebo.com or contact us today!
  • What is the minimum contract term in the monthly option?
    Streebo Mobile Forms is billed on a month-to-month basis. You can choose to stop using the solution at any time and we will stop billing you.
  • If I like the solution, is there any option to buy the complete solution?
    Yes, you can buy the solution as well. To know more about this option, please contact us.
  • Will Streebo Mobile Forms exist as a standalone app only? Can it be part of an existing application?
    Any form created using mobile forms can be inserted in your existing application. There is no requirement that the forms app should be standalone.
  • How is the data transferred to the backend system in offline mode?
    The data collected from a form is collected in the device in offline mode and auto-synced to the backend once the user enters a region with network connectivity.
  • How is collected data protected? If the device gets lost, can anyone access the forms and the collected responses?
    The data is stored in the Mobile Foundation JSON store in an encrypted format so if the device gets lost, the data won’t be accessible.
  • Can these forms be protected by securing the mobile devices with an Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution?
    You can surely secure the mobile devices containing these forms with MDM solutions. In case you are looking for expertise in MDM solutions like IBM MaaS360 or MobileIron solution, Streebo can help you with those services as well.
  • Where is all the data stored from the forms?
    All the data collected from the mobile forms is stored in the Form Builder database. It is possible to store the data on premise or on the client’s own database. For integration with your database, you must make the web services available for integration. We can also store it on cloud database like IBM SoftLayer, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services or any other database of your choice.
  • Which devices support mobile forms app?
    Mobile Forms is supported on Android and iOS. Download the Android app on Google PlayStore and the iOS App on App Store.
  • What does the free trial entail?
    We offer a 30-day free trial wherein a user can build his own forms on the form builder console. We will be providing login credentials for the mobile forms app wherein you can see the form you created and also view some sample forms we have already created. Apply for your free trial here.