Offline Data Capture Made Easy!

Offline Data Capture Made Easy!
Organizations have started leveraging web solutions and mobile apps to empower their field force and drive field worker productivity. However, these apps do not work usually when the field worker is out in a remote location, collecting customer or equipment data. It is essential that mobile app works even when it is being accessed in low to zero network area.

Streebo Mobile Forms ensures that your work gets done even when there is no internet connectivity. Streebo has made offline data collection app really easy with Mobile Forms – a drag and drop tool to convert your enterprise forms into mobile real fast with native device features and backend integrations. Field personnel can now access these forms in offline mode, fill up responses and the data would automatically be synced to their backends once they regain connectivity.

Whether you are using iOS or Android devices, these forms would work without a mobile network. Field workers can now get their work done without having to worry about hotspots or trying to get a signal.

How Offline Data Collection App Works

Access Form in Offline Mode

Forms is opened in offline mode and responsers are submitted

Stored in Device in Offline Mode

All the submitted data stored in a secure JSON store provided by IBM Mobile Foundation®

Auto-Sync on Network Connectivity

Once the internet connection is back, the submitted responses would be automatically sent to their existing backends
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