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Streamline your Industrial processes with Mobile Forms

Smartphones are quickly changing the way people are living their lives. We are spending more and more time on our phone and find them very handy for multitude of tasks – from catching up with friends to ordering food to booking cabs. A US adult spends approximately 3 hours per day1 on average, browsing on the smartphone as per the comScore Mobile Metrix, August 2016. However, the use of mobile in the workspace hasn’t picked up at the same rate. Employees are still using their phones only to check their mails primarily. Organizations are finding it difficult to integrate their office processes or convert their everyday work into this mobile movement.

Mobile adoption can be a driver for organizations to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, drive innovation and even generate new revenue sources by leveraging the data collected and sending alerts and suggestions basis data analytics.

You can now download the White Paper. Thanks for your Interest.