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Build Super Smart Chatbots 2X Faster

Leveraging industry’s leading NLP technologies such as IBM Watson and powered by Streebo’s revolutionary DX Accelerator, a unique set of ‘no or low code’ tooling, Streebo Chatbot builder concocts interactive chatbots for websites, applications and social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other Chat Clients in no time! With its unique point and click integration interface, Streebo Chatbot builder helps to fetch data from a variety of backend systems such as; Relational databases, ERPs or CRMs without writing even a single line of code. Moreover, it cuts the development cost for building Chatbot interfaces in half!

Select any business process and enjoy a free Chatbot trial run for 30 Days before you get a full-fledged Chatbot solution on board  

Business processes that you may want the Chatbot
to takeover

chatbot garage Answer routinely asked questions (FAQs) that often eat up time of your customer support staff.
chatbot garage Guide employees in selling confidently by helping them access training manuals and product documentation faster
chatbot garage Guide customers through complete buying process.
chatbot garage Quickly compare the price of products/insurance policies/hotels from various channels and recommend the lowest price
chatbot garage Act as a virtual HR and answer employee queries about company policies, leave balance, travel policy and more
chatbot garage Get new leads by adding a virtual assistant on your website/ mobile app and increase revenue

Chatbot Garage Offering – Process

chatbot garage
Chatbot Overview and Use-cases
Get an overview of all relevant use cases and industry specific business processes that could be automated with chatbots
chatbot garage
Building Chatbots with Streebo DX Accelerator & IBM DX Manager
Using the easy drag and drop capabilities of Streebo DXA and IBM DX manager, learn how to build conversation flows
chatbot garage
Structure Bot Conversations and Wiring Intent
Learn how to identify user input and share appropriate conversation snippets using the Bot training tool.
chatbot garage
Backend Integration with legacy systems
ERPs, CRMs or any other database can be easily integrated with the Chatbot
chatbot garage
Testing and Training the bot
Chatbot is tested and trained to provide a flawless conversational experience.
chatbot garage
Bot Security and Governance
Streebo’s DXA platform, an IT governance tool for managing security and access, ensures that the trial bot is extremely secure.
chatbot garage
Deployment on web, mobile and FB messenger
Choose your deployment platform and experience a conversational Chatbot

Get a Free Trial Chatbot – Up and running in Less than
2 Days

Chatbot Development
See how a Chatbot transforms your business process and makes it efficient.
Chatbot Development
Convert any one business process into a Chatbot and experience higher efficiency for a 30-day trial period.
Chatbot Development
Our experts provide development & deployment support from onsite or remote locations as required.

Key differentiators of Streebo Chatbot Builder

chatbot garage Automation Builder
‘Drag and Drop’ Interface for easier creation and management of chat interfaces
chatbot garage Cross-Platform Availability
Embed Streebo chatbot on website, app or on 3rd party chat messengers like Facebook Messenger
chatbot garage Comprehensive Security
Powered by IBM Technology, Streebo Chatbots are highly secureStreebo HR chatbots
chatbot garage Flexible NLP Selection
Select an NLP of your choice – be it IBM Watson, Wit.ai or any other and we will integrate the bot accordingly
chatbot garage Flexible Deployment Options
Deploy on premise or on cloud