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Mobile Retail App Development

Mobile Retail App Development
Mobiles are omnipresent today and mobile apps have now become a part of customer’s purchase cycle from search, review to purchase. Hence, retailers cannot afford to miss out on potential revenue- be it through retail apps, mobile catalogs or browsers!

Streebo Mobile Retail App is a ready-to-run mobile and tablet app that you can use to deliver an engaging and consistent shopping experience. Our retail app solution is backed with understanding of customer behavior and can help you build your brand, drive sales and delight your customers.


Customer Intelligence

to gather real-life shopper behavior insights

Faster Time to Market

using pre-built app assets

Comprehensive Security

to facilitate secure payments, transfers and transactions

Incremental Revenue

via digital transactions, offers and campaign management

In-app Notifications

for delivering important alerts immediately on customer smartphones

Flexible Deployment Options

of installing software in-house or using cloud


Renovate Retail Business through Smart Omnichannel Interactions & AI experiences