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Why Invest in a Construction Site Safety App?

The rattling of hauling trucks, excavators and cranes, are familiar sounds at a construction site. There are people pouring concrete, scaffolding, working with metal and more going on at a busy site. There is also a large workforce involved and heavy equipment at work. In this scenario, the risk of mishaps and chances of loss of life or property are grave. Effective communication can prevent any major accidents at a busy construction site. Here, construction site safety app integrated with a Chatbot comes in handy!



How construction safety and communication app works?

Construction work entails structural engineering, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work, masonry, metal detailing, prepping up construction site by erecting scaffolds, and more. A construction safety app brings all these teams together on a single platform.


Some features of a worksite safety collaboration platform:

  •    Encourage risk reporting and improve workplace safety
  •    Inspect the reported threats and communicate further line of action
  •    Track the progress of hazard resolution
  •    Broadcast Alerts and safety information
  •    Record safety reports and gather analytics to make informed decisions

Let us see it this way – when teams collaborate on a single digital platform and update daily work schedule, delays in timelines, heavy equipment engagement at the site and more, this ensures that there are no clashes within team schedules. No two teams plan to work in the same zone at the same time. Imagine what will happen if the masonry, mechanical and electrical teams schedule the same day and time for a designated section at a construction site. In this situation, there will be clashes and chances of possible accidents increase. A collaboration platform can very easily help avoid such situations.


Picture this –   A location at the construction site is exposed to live electrical wires – a grave threat to life. The electrical team raises alerts for the potential danger through the collaboration platform. The area gets quarantined and all teams informed about the risk – any possible mishaps are averted. Similarly, field inspections can also be streamlined using a collaboration chatbot platform. Field inspectors at the site can also immediately report a broken scaffolding, equipment malfunctioning or any other problems/dangers at the site easily. Alerts can be sent out to individual subcontractors to keep the workforce away from such dangerous situations.


Why integrate Chatbot?

A construction safety chatbot acts like an assistant available 24×7. It provides updates on demand. It is very easy to talk to a human-like bot and request the files you need. Bots can surf through large data and retrieve what you need in no time. It is as easy as asking your peer –Q – “Hey we are putting wall plaster in wing B today, what is the status there?” A – “Wing B schedule is running 48 hours late. Clash with door and window framing today. Please reschedule” and so on…


Keep employees/equipment safe – avoid possible liabilities

Safety hazards at the workplace can lead to loss of life, property and then cost a fortune due to safety liability on the employee. Investment in technology that helps curb such possible mishaps by establishing effective communication amidst all the involved entities is the best safety net. Each team at the construction site can use chatbot and app on any smart device and get timely alerts, notification, and reports to make informed decisions.


Products like Digital Experience Accelerator and Chatbot Builder from the Streebo product suite, are excellent low code/no code tools to build an App integrated with a Chatbot, in no time. Enable easy and seamless communication – send messages, click pictures and add annotations to highlight the situation, send reports and broadcast alerts.

17 November, 2018

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