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Conversational AI – The Perfect Shopping Partner!

Customer Service – As simple of easy as it sounds, the business, its brand name and customer loyalty are completely dependent on it. In this era, customer service plays a crucial role in building and establishing a business, so companies competing hard on providing a smooth and consistent customer journey to build a loyal customer base and get an edge over competitors.
Whenever you enter a store, someone would always come up to you and ask, “How may I help you?” And whether or not you need their service, you’ll be happy to know that there is someone willing to make your customer journey easy and pleasant! Now that retail businesses are moving online, it is equally important to have an online assistant that would guide you through the e-store just like the ones present in physical stores. This is where Conversational AI becomes an absolute necessity!
A secure, scalable and interactive conversational interface on websites, mobile apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc. for e-commerce businesses has become imperative and has proved to be greatly beneficial. In the times where chat has become the primary mode of communication and where millennials prefer instant responses, a conversational interface is the perfect solution to create a win-win situation between the business and its customers. The top customer service executives also have a cap on the number on inquiries in a day. Whereas, a chatbot can cater to thousands of customer queries at a single point of time. It works relentlessly, without needing food or water! Since a single chatbot can do the work of multiple agents simultaneously, it helps businesses scale up their customer service and allows agents to work on more complex issues and save time.
It’s the era of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots! Conversational AI has been widely accepted and the major players in the retail sector have integrated a chatbot into their systems and have observed significant benefits. Here’s why Conversational AI is the perfect shopping partner!

Chat is the way forward!

Chat has become the default form of communication. WhatsApp alone has 1.5 billion active users. Millennials are glued onto their messaging apps and thus find it convenient to get in touch with a business through that platform. Rather than calling a customer service number and waiting to get connected with an agent, chatbot makes the whole process easier and faster! Moreover, if there are complex questions, the chatbot automatically transfers it to an agent, thus ensuring accurate responses to the customer.

Personalized Services

Conversational AI significantly enhances the customer’s shopping experience. Chatbots help customers navigate through the website or mobile app, give personalized suggestions, assist with the payment process and much more. Moreover, since chatbots collect customer data through feedbacks and fun quizzes, it helps the businesses give personalized offers and discounts to keep the customer engaged.

Better Engagement at a Lower Cost

Since chatbots are present round the clock and offer instant responses, it boosts augments customer satisfaction and helps in generating repeat customers, thus building a pool of loyal customers. Chatbots save a huge amount that the retail sector spends in customer service, thus increasing ROI.
Streebo Chatbot Builder, with its low or no code tool allows retail businesses to build secure and customized chatbots with just drag and drop. With its set of pre-trained bots, it cuts the development time and cost by 50%. Streebo is your go-to partner when it comes to digitize your business and integrate an omnichannel AI-powered chatbot. Contact us to get a personalized demo today!


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