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Role of Data Analytics in Improving Customer Loyalty

Understanding user behavior on web and apps is very necessary to create an engaging user experience, thus retaining existing customers and making new ones. Retaining existing customers is easier and more cost efficient as compared to acquiring new customers. Repeat customers are 5 times easier to sell to than new customers. Tracking metrics like how much time users spend on your digital property; activities users are performing on your app are crucial to understand your existing customers. Understanding customer behavior and improving your product or service through incremental updates will help you create a satisfying customer experience.


Digital data analytics plays a very important role in understanding your customer and improving your digital property to retain customers which in turn will generate a steady revenue flow. Tracking users based on their location, demography, session times, behavior on page, most viewed content helps a business understand how to craft the right messaging to keep a visitor engaged on the website and thus increase brand image and consequently, drive product sales.


Any digital marketing campaign can be tracked by analyzing the google analytics reports. A good google analytics report should provide detailed & actionable insights on your web/app performance, current marketing campaigns with focus on metrics like –


  • How many leads did you get from organic and paid campaigns?
  • Which sources led to increased traffic?
  • What are the landing pages which are working for your campaigns?
  • Which sections are leading to highest exists and how can you improve those pages?


Just a simple report highlighting the users, sessions, sessions time are not enough. It is essential for any analytics provider to give actionable insights which can help the digital team improve their web property and achieve their goals. Data collection alone would not help you achieve your digital goals; deriving insights and applying corrections smartly would help you achieve your desired goals on the digital platform.


Streebo Digital Analytics services can help you measure user behavior on your digital property and analyze your digital marketing spends, thus driving your digital marketing efforts in the right direction.

04 October, 2017

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