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5 Things Every Marketer Should Keep in Mind for a Successful E-mail Campaign

Your customers are everywhere and digitization has made them so much more sophisticated in terms of buying goods through any advertisement. Whether it is social media or E-mails, nowadays customer expect a campaign which is much more specific to their exact requirements. They are looking for more refined solutions and personalized content. Marketers can no longer ignore all these customer demands. As far as we talk about E-mail marketing, they need to keep on asking questions like when to run an E-mail campaign, what would be the time-gap between two campaigns, whether it would provide all details of the product or just a hint, what would be the structure and design of an E-mail… and so on. Let’s see the game changing aspects of E-mail Marketing.



Cultural Analysis


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Part of targeting International audience is minding all the critical elements of language and tone. Your mailer should be designed in a way that cannot offense any part of your target audience. It is really important to create a unified content which is not only accepted by other cultures but also as impactful as their local brands. Minding their time zone and local habits will help to create an impact.


Trailer or The Entire Movie?

There are several ways to convey your message and one of them is to show a trailer of your product or service or the movie. According to this approach, you decide whether you want to present the entire idea on one page or you want your customer to visit more pages to know entirely about your product or service.


The first option is to let your audience know the entire idea/product without clicking on anything. They can read the whole thing from start to end, then at the conclusion, you engage them with CTA which may be a link to your website or another relevant page.


The second option creates enough curiosity through a headline and one or two paragraphs and ‘to know more’ they have to click on the link and visit the page. When you want to engage them by taking them through a journey, in this case – from a mailer to the video to the article and at the end to the desired action.


Personalized Content

Why does a customer need to buy your product instead of your competitor’s? The answer lies in two words – Personalized Content. Understanding your customer is crucial to build a relationship and influence them to buy your product. Personalizing your content for them showcases that you take out time to make sure your customers get what they are looking for. With more and more technological advancement available, customers have many alternatives. As a marketer, you need to make sure your customer can never go to those alternatives.


Mix it up with Social MediaMix-it-up-with-Social-Media

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That doesn’t mean you include a social sharing button in your mailer and you are done. But you actually need to integrate social media into your E-mailer to gain more subscribers. Along with asking your readers to share it, you can actually take them to your social media page and let them know more. You can create a hype about your next mailer on your social media page and engage your customers. You can also create a link on your mailer page to show its references on your social media page. Through that, your customer gets to engage on both the medium and you just shot two birds with one arrow!


Manage Customer Engagement


Through E-mail marketing and personalized content you’ve already engaged your customers at more personal levels and now, it’s time to measure the engagement. With observing the click through rates and open rates, you can come up with new ideas and eliminate the non-effective aspects in your mailer. This will give you a chance to be innovative and think beyond keeping product updates, offers and company news. Happy Email Marketing to you!!


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