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Fatema Shaikh-Work life Balance at Streebo

How Streebo promotes Work Life Balance

Working as a Global Human Resources professional at Streebo, my work sometimes demands me wearing multiple hats, travel distances and working more than the regular work hours. When I joined the Global HR Team, the initial days were extremely tough for me. It felt as if even 24 hours were not enough for me to finish my tasks at work. Adding to the stress was my mother’s deteriorating health and my brother’s absence at home due to his work-commitments. I had forgotten when the last time was I picked up the guitar, my mother was had gifted on my birthday, or when I actually touched my paint brushes and canvas. There is light at the end of every tunnel, goes a popular saying. But one can’t just go digging anywhere in search of that light, what is required is a systematic and planned approach in life. Instead rushing into everything and exhausting oneself by sundown, plan your day at home and work both. Allot specific hours or minutes to specific tasks of the day as per their importance and value.
12 months into my job, now I not only get to make breakfast for my family but enjoy it with them, and these include my pet kittens too. I ensure evenings are only for my family and the weekend is allotted to learning guitar or letting my imagination run wild with painting. True, it doesn’t look easy, but standing at the brink of the lake, one can’t gauge the depth unless you take the leap into it.
This is how I achieved work-life balance at Streebo…

Love and work are said to be the foundations of being human and both are essential for satisfaction. However, juggling the requests of each can be troublesome. By thinking differently, we can discover approaches to have a superior harmony among work and home.
Proof recommends that upgrades in people management practices, particularly work time and work area adaptability, and the improvement of strong supervisors add to expanded work-life balance. Work-life balance programs have been shown to affect representatives such as in terms of recruitment, commitment, retention/turnover, satisfaction level, absenteeism, productivity and accident rates. These are following some strategies to achieve work-life balance that I followed:

How Streebo helped my cause…
Being a flag bearer of women empowerment, Streebo has various company policies that are in favor of the female staff. I have seen a consistent evolution of policies at Streebo that promotes a safe working environment for women. To name a few, we have 6 month’s maternity leave, Sexual Harassment Committee, flexi-timings and telecommuting through which its easier for an employee to work as per their convenience.
The perks of working with a company that cares for you are many…

  • I feel more committed towards my work and satisfied with my job
  • My productivity has sky rocketed and being awarded for my contributions during our Townhall 2018
  • I’ve attained Nirvana i.e. no work stress
  • I can also pursue my hobbies like painting, crafts, singing, etc. while participating in various company events
  • I am not only a career-oriented millennial, but also a family focused person now

10 January, 2019

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