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Harness the Power of Mobile Healthcare with Streebo

Mobile Healthcare is booming; and how! With over 100,000 health and fitness related mobile apps on Google Play and Apple Store, and 4 million downloads per day, the mobile healthcare revolution is taking over the world.


The long term strategy of mobile healthcare providers is to collect user data through mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and watches that would ultimately produce advance algorithms. The smartphone or watch would then  monitor the patients’ lifestyle; warn them when they’re doing wrong , encourage them when they’re doing right etc., thereby leading to a win-win situation for both – improving the quality of life for the patient and bettering the service delivered by Mobile Healthcare providers.


Harness the power of Mobile Healthcare with Streebo

Harness the power of Mobile Healthcare with Streebo


So, with a plethora of enterprise mobility providers available in the market today, how does a healthcare provider choose the one to partner with? Firstly, security is the key! The information collected should be shared across the healthcare gamut securely and safely. Secondly, healthcare is one of those very few industries wherein there’s a wide array of use cases for members and providers alike, such as wellness management, appointment booking, medication adherence, plan and billing management and many more, so the mobility partner should be capable to cater to all those modules. And thirdly, good UI/UX is required for every app, but with the high frequency of data input and amount of data, healthcare apps require more effort.


Streebo Mobile Healthcare Suite fits into these criteria like a glove, and more! With an omni channel solution on mobile, tablet, watch and desktop, Streebo helps your end customers in managing their own health by promoting healthy living, gaining access to useful customer information and analyzing trends and driving retention through analytics tools.


The features include:

  • Supports HiPPA standards on privacy and security
  • Best in class UI & UX
  • Apps for various use cases
  • Integrated with any process and infrastructure
  • Reminders and Refills

So, if you’re a health care provider preparing to harness the power of mobile, we can help you to do just that.


Read about Streebo Mobile Healthcare Suite here


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05 September, 2016

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