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Mobile Forms and Insurance Industry – a New Paradigm!

Today more and more companies step away from paper work preferring to store data on clouds and servers. Insurance companies are not an exception. Surrounded by paperwork; sales documents, application forms, appraisals and claims documents fill their inboxes every day. These forms are used both in the field and in the office, and pose lot of challenges, from creating to modifying and storing to retrieving!


Documents from the field have to be re-typed in the office, regulations can force changes in insurance processes and procedures, and new requirements can’t always be communicated to the field fast enough. Using laptops or electronic signature pads can sometimes reduce the paperwork to a digital format, but they are still bulky and hard to use on the go and don’t necessarily improve the workflow.

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Streebo Mobile Forms bring a whole new paradigm shift in the business, in such a paper-heavy industry, Streebo Mobile Forms can offer faster, more efficient processes, transforming the way insurance companies operate. Here’s a look at six major benefits that Streebo Mobile Forms can bring to the insurance industry.


Data Quality


With Streebo Mobile Forms, office staff can dispatch any document / form at any time of the day. These documents / forms (e.g. claims) can be filled out instantly by field staff and sent back to the office, to clients, and policyholders.


Mobile forms also reduce errors in two ways. First, since data does not have to be copied from papers to electronic format, transcription errors are eliminated. Second, validation rules can be configured in the mobile app itself so that mistakes are caught immediately, prompting the person to fix the error or omission before the form is submitted. Forms can also be reviewed instantly when submitted, whether remotely or at the office.




Electronic forms offer more automation and less paperwork. With Streebo Mobile Forms, information can be standardized using fields like drop-down menus and lookups to speed data entry and reduce the need for typing free form answers. Logic can be implemented to hide unnecessary fields. Employees also don’t have to remember to send notifications to clients, as they can be automatically triggered according to pre-set business rules.


With its distinct offline data capture facility, Streebo Mobile Forms allow users to fill out data regardless of where they are. With less time spent double checking data and transferring data from paper to computer, employees can focus on customers and other high-value responsibilities.



With processes, regulations and/or service level agreements changing often, paper forms are too quickly outdated. Streebo Mobile forms allow changes to be made and shared instantly, without any programming, such as new business logic, required data, or notifications. These changes automatically and immediately update for all users, no matter what platform or device they use. This agility also allows the app to withstand longer term changes to the insurance industry; as the industry transforms over years, mobile apps and forms are quickly and easily adjusted to fit changing business models. With such simple interfaces, programming-free mobile solutions can also reduce IT and maintenance costs.


Better Customer Service


Everyone enjoys fast and efficient service. With Streebo Mobile Forms, less time is spent waiting for information to be delivered, adjusted, and processed; it happens instantly! This offers a faster service to your clients, who don’t have to spend days waiting for forms to be processed. Automatic email notifications can also be set up for clients, updating them throughout the insurance process with real-time reports on the progress of their applications and claims.


Real Time Information


In many cases, insurance companies have deadlines to meet, whether they are set by the client, regulations or management. Timelines may be tight when dealing with revisions and copying handwritten information into digital format. But with Streebo Mobile Forms, all of the groundwork is laid out and automated for real-time operations. Errors or missing information can be discovered while employees are still in the field, rather than after the fact. Information in real time reduces errors, saves hours in administrative costs, and lets your employees focus on the important matters.


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