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Build your Ultimate Travel Chatbot powered by IBM Watson and get a Pre-trained Bot bundled in!

Want to take your travel business to new heights?

The travel industry is a highly consumer centric industry where the saying ‘Consumer is the King’ makes a lot of sense. It is very important to keep the customer happy and satisfied. With this changing technology and customer demands, the only way to retain as well as acquire new customers is satisfying the customer demands and meeting the technology needs. These days you will see a lot of travel businesses investing in digitizing the business. It has become a need to sustain oneself in the business.


Have a look at what technology to adapt!


AI and Chatbots are the buzzwords today.


  • A Gartner study states that by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship with enterprises without interacting with a human.
  • A Research states that over 2.5 billion users have at least one messaging app in their smartphone and it is predicted to go up to 3.6 billion users by 2018


From the travel perspective, many major travel sites are already exploring travel chatbots and travel being a customer centric industry, chatbot could solve a lot of business problems and transform processes.


travel bot ibm watson


Let’s have a look at how Travel bots can transform major processes:

  • Send personalized marketing messages
  • Quick access & replies to inquiries
  • Swift payments
  • 24*7 answers to customer service queries & more


Now you must be thinking that how will you define what people ask?

What will you do if the chatbot can’t answer the question asked by the user?

If you would buy a Chatbot how will you make use cases and train the bot?


So here a solution to all your problems!

A chatbot can be trained as per the requirement of the business. You could analyze questions asked by the customer and make use cases as per your requirement. Also, if there is a question which the bot is not trained to answer or if the conversation reaches a complicated stage, the bot will pass it on to a human to take it forward!


Here’s a way to build you travel bot quicker!

Streebo, is a master at building Chatbots for Travel. Streebo’s revolutionary chatbot builder uses drag and drop technology. It is powered with IBM Watson and IBM DXM.  This chatbot builder is highly flexible, scalable and secure. It can be seamlessly integrated to any backed of your choice. You can deploy the bot on your travel website, app or any 3rd party site like Facebook Messenger.


As Streebo has been a pioneer in the Chatbot space, they could also help you with the use cases and thus you could go to market faster! So, with Streebo’s experience in working in the travel space, you could know more about what other are doing and where the technology is moving. This would keep you updated and take the rights steps before the opportunity is missed and the completion increases.


Here’s a sample list of use cases for your Travel Business that your bot can be trained on!


Streebo can help you assist in all 3 categories of your business:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Internal Communication


Let’s start with the Sales angle


The Chatbot can help you answer queries related to:

  • Booking Flights/ Bus/ Train
  • Booking Hotels
  • Promotions
  • Personalized response based on the past transactions
  • Quick payment
  • Reward points
  • On-budget planning
  • Ratings & reviews


In the customer service category:

  • Cancellations
  • Web check-ins
  • Bookings Meals
  • Custom help based on the city of travel
  • Booking information
  • City guide & tourist attractions


For internal communication:

  • Smart Voice & Chat Assistant to fill forms quickly
  • Desk handles
  • Leave Management
  • Quick communication related to timings


These are only some of the uses case. They can be defined as per the company requirement!


So, what are you waiting for? Get a personalized demo for your travel business today!

26 October, 2018

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