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AI is Transforming Digital Banking and here is ‘THE CHATBOT’ for your Bank

I believe that banks have identified Artificial Intelligence as key to transforming their business. These banking chatbots can bring the bank closer to its clients, right on their mobile screens. They can handle bank account related queries, address customer concerns, share information, perform transactions and do much more that too 24*7.
Streebo Chatbot Builder is an automation tool for building such chatbots for banks. It can easily link the bot to any enterprise backend of your choice with a simple point and click. Moreover, these chatbots built using Streebo Chatbot Builder can be embedded in your banking website, app or any 3rd party chat client like Facebook or WhatsApp.
Let’s have a look at a few use cases on how these bots can make your Bank AI-powered!

1) 24*7 Response

  • Answer Routine Queries


  • <
  • Streebo Chatbot
  • Manage
Hi James? How can I help you?
I want to update my email address
May I please know you full name as registered with the bank?
James Smith
Your current number as per our accounts is: +91 7834799023
Do you want to update it?
Please mention your mobile number with your country code as mentioned above:
+91 9875423457
Your mobile number has been updated
Would you like to do anything else?
Thank you. Have a good day!


2) Perform Transactions

  • Open FDs
  • Buy Insurance
  • Transfer Money
  • Buy a Loan & More
  • <
  • Streebo Chatbot
  • Manage
Hi Mike? How can I help you?

Please select one of the products you are interested in?

  • Savings Account
  • Home Loan
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Term Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Mutual Fund
I want to open a FD
That’s Great! I want to know if you are a senior citizen?
Ok. Please enter the deposit amount is your currency
Rs 5000

Please select the type of payout

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half Yearly
  • Yearly
Please enter tenure between 7 to 180 days

Based on the deposit and tenure entered
Maturity Date: 9th June, Sunday 2019
Maturity Amount: Rs 5225
Total Interest: Rs 225
Interest Rate: 4.5%

Would you like to apply for FD?

  • Yes
  • No
Your FD has been opened.
Please enter email id for updates?
Thank you for sharing. You can explore more products by typing: ‘Products’


3) Card Related Queries


  • <
  • Streebo Chatbot
  • Manage
Hi Amy? How can I help you?
My credit card is lost. Please block it.
Sorry to hear that. Please type your Account Number.
There is one card link to this account ending with XXXX XXXX XXXX 1234
Should I block it?
Your card has been blocked. Do you want to apply for a new card?
Thank you. You can explore more products by typing: ‘Products’


Are you ready to give AI-powered Chatbots a TRY?


28 March, 2019

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