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Conversational AI: Marketeers, here is what you should know

One of the flaws that we, Marketeers, have in general is using too much information or too less. We are adopters; but are flawed to overusing a new trend to the point of spamming. Although, some of the brands have learned to use it in moderation, but not all of us are that quick to pick the pieces back.

Having said that, we do love experimenting. And that just might be our strongest suit. Marketeers, we are not afraid of failing fast and improvising faster. So, when I heard about the latest trend, that is, conversational AI, I just couldn’t stop from learning more about it.

Let’s start with understanding what is Conversational AI and its role in Marketing.

What is Conversational AI?
Conversational AI, simply put, is the ability of the brand to speak to their users and consumers. It helps humanize and personify the brand giving it a unique voice, delivering an end-to-end conversational experience.
Need for Conversational AI
With the rise in the usage of messaging apps (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc.), conversation and texting has become the go-to medium for consumers. In addition, last year saw an unprecedented growth in the adoption of smart speakers at homes.
Understanding these changes and the trend means that the consumers are moving to the new mode of searching and consumption of information. This suggests that Marketeers need to think about tweaking and changing their content marketing strategy as well, adapting the shift towards text-to-speech.
It is this shift where the conversational AI can enable brands to deliver a personalized communication to the user, at scale. In turn helping brand in increasing meaningful conversation; reaching to larger audiences; ability to be available 24×7 and more.


How to include Conversational AI in Content Marketing Strategy?
To ensure that your strategy is aligned with Conversational AI trends, below are a few points that you can include:
1.Understanding micro-moments

The rise in the text-to-speech and speech-to-speech has given a doorway to the concept called as micro-moments (coined by Google). The micro-moment is an intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do or buy.
This means that while designing a content for conversational interface, as a Marketeer, you would need to consider these intents to categorize your users and accordingly design and write use-cases.
2.Creating conversational flowchart

Once you recognize the intents for your conversations, the next step is to create a conversational flowchart. This chart depicts how the interaction would proceed between the chatbot and the user on your website or mobile application. Creating a flowchart helps in breaking down the conversation and ensuring that the important information is not missed or overlooked. It also helps in creating the messaging content.
Note: The message for a particular instant shouldn’t be too long. Avoid tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) effect. Use the flowcharts to make intents that cover the frequently and basic questions and break them to avoid long content.
You can also use this step to craft your chatbot and conversation voice, its tone for making a better sense of the whole exercise.
3.Enhancing your CTAs

CTA or Call to Action is, undoubtedly, an important step in any marketing collateral that’s created. Therefore, it is imperative to enhance CTAs while integrating conversational AI in your content marketing strategy. CTA that says Chat Here becomes more appropriate than Contact Us or Read More.
According to your need of the collateral and the distribution channel used, the Marketeer will need to improvise on the CTAs.
How can Streebo help with adopting Conversational AI?

Streebo is an IBM Premier Partner. From the past decade, we have been helping companies with Digital Transformation. Our products are feature-rich and updated with the latest market trend.
Streebo has launched a new line of product, an easy low code, no code Chatbot tool Builder powered by IBM Watson Assistant. It helps even a Line of Business to build and deploy a Chatbot. With this product we envision every company to be equipped with the latest Conversational AI technology, helping their business enhance customer experience using conversational commerce.
To adopt the Conversational Interface on your website or mobile application get in touch with our Digital Transformation experts.


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