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How to Create Use Cases for Implementing FAQ or Conversational Chatbot

Chatbots have assumed a prominent role in today’s business. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise. Chatbots can be beneficial for any business. They can be conversational or transactional. Here, we are going to talk about conversational or FAQ based chatbots. In order to implement an FAQ-chatbot, you will need to identify use-cases or certain scenarios in your business which can be automated using a chatbot.


#1: User behavior and support center analytics
Your first clue comes from web visitors and the questions that your customers ask at the help desk or support center are the best place to get insight. Prepare a list of all the questions, difficulties and queries your customers have. See which page they visit the most and which actions they initiate, but never complete. Such analytics will give you an idea of where your customer is stuck. This is the best place to start.


For example- You find out from your analytics, that 80% visitors leave the process of making a payment mid-way. UI/UX is great, but your customer base is not comfortable making online payments, so you have a use case now. Create an easy conversational experience for your customers to make payments.


#2: Pick Brains of your Client-facing Teams (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Client Service, etc.)
The next way after analytics is speaking or involving your client facing teams in creating the use cases as they are the ones who have spent maximum time in front of the customer and interacting with them. In a way they have a pulse on what the customer is or might be looking for. So, in a way, they can anticipate what the customer can or might enquire about as they shop around on the website or are just enquiring about the product on your Facebook page.


#3: Be in Your Customer’s Shoes
The last and the closing step of getting all the use cases for your chatbot is by being in your customers’ or user’s shoes. This will help you see a bigger picture and let you capture use cases that you might have missed while going through the analytics or even by your client facing teams.


Streebo Consulting Service
If you follow these steps it should help you with getting the use case done. However, if you are still unsure of, our team of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and BAs (Business Analysts) can help curating the document, for you.


Please note that the cost of this service gets refunded as form of credit if you decide to continue with our product.


Some common use-cases :

18 December, 2018

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