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How Airlines Use Chatbots To Promote A Stress-Free Travel Experience

We live in a customer-centric age where the secret to the success of a business is measured by how proficiently you serve your customers. An interactive and conversational approach is imperative to boost sales, address customer grievances and maintain customer relations. Today, in the age of automation and mobility this responsibility is shouldered by Chatbots. Companies are gradually automating their customer service segment using chatbot and machine learning capabilities. According to a Gartner Research, chatbots are expected to handle 85% of all customer interactions by 2020. AI-powered chatbot for airlines have proven to be a promising technology to enhance customer service in the modern digital era.


The airline industry is a major beneficiary of chatbots and other artificial intelligence capabilities as the customer service expectations of passengers escalate. Flight delays and cancellations, over-booked flights, long waiting lines, rising baggage fees – all lead to frustrated airline customers. Chatbot implementation for customer service offers a stress-free flying experience and improves customer relationships. A recent APEX study reported that 14% aviation enterprises have already automated processes with AI powered chatbots it is expected to reach 68% by 2020.


Airline passengers are increasingly tapping into the power of mobility and expect instant responses and relevant information 24*7. They demand access to flight and baggage status, online check-ins and more at their fingertips. Chatbots are the most efficient way to increase profitability owing to their capabilities, ease of use and scalability. Here are a few instances where chatbots can transform the aviation industry.




Flight Bookings

Chatbots allow booking flights within the app or website in the form of a conversation. It asks passengers the location details, dates and whether they would prefer a direct flight or a lay-over.


Web Check-ins

Passengers can check into the flights via chatbots which in-turn would shorten the waiting lines at the airline counters and improve the overall experience.


Answering Queries

Chatbots as airline concierges are available round the clock to answer passenger queries regarding their flights. A few repetitive queries regarding the terminal and gate, luggage allowance, connecting flights etc. can be addressed immediately.


Information Access

Airlines can store all passenger information in one place and enable customers to access their boarding pass, booking information and all other details within the app with the help of chatbots.


Personal assistant

Chatbots assist passengers in editing flight information, changing seats, upgrading tickets or navigating through airports. They also offer travel advice and promotional offers according to their preferences.


Intelligent chatbots for customer service with intuitive UI/UX in the aviation industry would make interactions feel natural and affable while enhancing the overall customer experience with instant and personalized service. Chatbots enable the airline to reach customers directly with tailored messaging which improves their marketing initiatives. It improves the credibility of the airline, creates a positive travel experience, increases brand loyalty and the probability of conversion.


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14 November, 2018

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