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How to Compress Files and Folders with a Password in Ubuntu | Create A Password Protected Zip File in Linux

This simple tutorial shows you how to compress files and folder and create a password protected zip file in Linux Ubuntu. To add a little security to your hidden files/records, you can compress them with a password and then hide them from a GUI file manager as below mention:


Below are the steps to create a password protected zip file in Linux.


First, create a file.




Here I create a file and name it ‘test’ then Right Click on the created file and click on compress you can see in below screenshot




After that, you can see a dialogue box as shown in the figure below.




Drop down the list and select zip




Then after clicking on other options:




Enter Password in password panel and click on create.




Then you can see a dialogue box with message created successfully.




Now try to open the file you can see a dialogue box which asks for the password.




Enter a password which you added.




Note: Don’t forget the password, otherwise you will lose your data. Currently, only 7-Zip, ZIP, RAR and ARJ archives supports encryption.

05 October, 2018

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