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Weaving Magic with Retail Application Development!

There are nearly 3.8 million apps available on Google Play Store, while Apple Appstore hosts an impressive 2 million applications. According to a report, smartphone users are using up to 9 apps per day and around 30 applications in a month. With so much happening over mobile apps, shouldn’t you also consider offering your retail product via an app?
The limitation of a brick and mortar store is that only those who live near to the vicinity can buy from your outlet. Your customers are demographically restricted. What if you invest in retail app development and take your store to mobile? Now you can reach customers in another country or even continent. Many retailers have started building basic retail apps, but even these apps are not utilizing the latest and greatest features.

Features that will spin magic in your Retail App
1). Quick Updates and Deployments

If you must ask your IT team to make changes to the application – be it product addition, modifying descriptions or rolling out latest offers, then you are not playing smart. Why have so much dependency on IT? A no/low code tooling having a drag-and-drop interface will let you create new products and add descriptions yourself.
2). Glean Business Insights from Customer Behavior Analysis

For any business to flourish, it is important to understand the behavior of the customer and tailor your products, operations, and marketing accordingly. Making informed decisions can take you a long way.
3). Product suggestions based on in-app activity

In a brick and mortar store, the placement of products and walk through experience for a customer can make a huge difference and induce the customer to buy products that are not on their shopping list. Similarly, suggestive selling will increase your sales on an application platform. Taking a cue from the searched product, the app displays a related product. A product that is often bought together with the searched product. For example: if the visitor is looking for a steam iron, it is very prudent to also list out the bestselling ironing boards. The chances that the visitor gets lured into buying it are high.
4). Scalability

Your app might start with 100 users and function flawlessly, but have you built it to work efficiently when this customer base increases from 100 to 100,000? A scalable app is an invaluable step towards successfully doing business, as it will work just the same if the number of products or the number of customers increases.
5). Superior Look and Feel

Now, this might sound very basic, but it is the most important aspect of retaining your customers. An app that appeals to the customer segment you wish to target takes you a long way.  Additionally, the app should be easy to navigate. The user should be able to find what he/she needs. Searching for a product, comparing it with similar items and then finally buying a product should feel like a breeze.
6). In-built chatbot

A chatbot is like a novelty product in an application. An app that politely offers to help makes the customer feel special. However, a chatbot should be intelligent enough to guide the customer and assist in choosing the exact product required. If the bot is dumb, it may just frustrate the customer with unnecessary questions. Result: You lose a customer and you lose your business. Drive your business by deploying a chatbot that is intelligent and provides a conversational experience to the customer.
7). Secure Payment Gateway

Your app is handling the hard-earned money of customers and hence its essential to make sure that these transactions are handled securely.
8). Order Tracking

There is not one customer who will wait patiently after ordering online. If customers must wait for eternity, clueless about what is happening to their order, then they will heckle you. The support team will lose a lot of precious time in answering calls from anxious customers wanting to know the order status. If the customer can track the order and see where the purchased item has reached, then he is assured and will buy repeatedly. This way your support team can spare time to handle the real issues at hand.
Choose a Reliable Retail App Development Partner
Streebo crafts impactful retail experiences for your customers. Your app will be ready to roll out in record time. The drag and drop interface gives you the power to edit and update applications easily. The retail app solution is backed by an understanding of customer behavior and will help you drive sales, and lead to customer delight. Streebo’s Retail Suite allows you to build chatbots and omnichannel mobility solutions, thus creating exceptional customer experiences across all touch points.
So, if you have not yet taken your retail outlet onto an application, then this is the time to get going and widen your presence. To instantly float a user-friendly retail app and chatbot solution: contact us:




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