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Revolutionize your Retail Business with Chatbots!

Technology has been advancing at an accelerated pace and it becomes difficult for businesses to adopt the latest updates and stay up-to-date all the time. Implementing an innovative technology involves a lot of time, money and resources, so you need to do a detailed analysis of whether any technology adoption is worth the investment. Retail businesses need to dig deep before embracing a technology to ensure that it is not just a fad. With the latest buzz in technology being conversational commerce, many retailers are speculating if they should embed a chatbot in their existing digital properties.


Retail businesses face huge difficulties in handling many customers at the same time and responding to their queries immediately. Retailers design personalized offers for each customer, incorporate loyalty programs, promotional giveaways and much more to improve customer experience. However, a superb shopping experience alone cannot guarantee repeat purchases. The speed with which retailers solve customer queries determines if a customer would shop again from the same store.


A chatbot would help in faster customer query resolution by automating repetitive responses and helping customers reach a solution faster.  Let’s have a look at how chatbots are helping the retail industry in their day-to-day operations:




24*7 Customer Service

Whether it is product exchanges, finding the nearest store or order tracking, customers can always reach out to customer service. Chatbots are transforming the way companies address customer queries by providing comprehensive and consistent service anytime, anywhere. With contextual understanding and customization, chatbots provide new ways of customer service.


Latest Collection Notifications

Chatbots are replacing email marketing as the new channel to present latest collections and offers to drive engagement. Customers can now view products that they are looking for by asking the bot instead of having to look through multiple catalogues on the website or app for the right product.


Product Recommendations and Personal Styling Assistance

Chatbots can even suggest products based on casual conversations with customers on their hobbies and interests.  Retailers have started relying on chatbots for coming up with tailor-made suggestions and creating superior shopping experiences.


In-store Shopping Assistance

Chatbots assist customers in booking a physical appointment for product complaints, locating a department or retail store, show item availability outlets and suggest items based on buying patterns and recent history.


Order Processing

Chatbots can process orders within the messenger app itself. By entering personal details like name, telephone number, billing address, and payment options, customers can finish the checkout within the messenger app rather than going to the company website.


Chatbots are a great initiative for brands to increase their brand image, foster customer loyalty and increase engagement. Chatbots analyze customer data, observe buying behavior and personalize the customer experience. Chatbots can also sense customer moods to generate relevant responses and maintain intelligent conversations. Marketers can now build strategies for customer acquisition and retention around chatbots.


Understanding this need for implementing chatbots, retailers are on the lookout for a flexible chatbot platform to improve the overall shopping experience for customers. Streebo has helped numerous enterprises embed chatbots into their existing digital assets. Transform your business with Streebo Chatbots today.


30 May, 2018

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