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A Step for Customer Gratification – A Leap for Increased ROI!

Today the marketplace is flooded with businesses vying to gain a notch above the other. Businesses work hard to build the best products, and then train their focus on customer gratification – that is the most important part.


There are three steps to engage a customer and then steer the engagement to customer gratification.


  1.    Assist the customer in choosing your product/service
  2.    Make it easier for the customer to purchase the product/service
  3.    Provide an excellent after-sales service and support


In this article, I will walk you through the present scenario of the customer journey and help you understand how chatbots can take over a part of your customer gratification efforts and add value to your business.



Present Scenario

Let us consider the customer journey of buying a brand-new laptop computer. We shall discuss the journey of this customer in two different contexts – E-Commerce & Retail outlet.



The first step a customer takes is to search over the web for a laptop with the configuration and specifications he/she has in mind. In this process, the customer might need to jump a few sites or type in a few more keywords to find a product that matches the exact configuration. Now the customer proceeds to choose a brand and model – this is exhaustive unless he/she has a specific brand in mind.


After the exhaustive journey of choosing the brand and model, the customer proceeds to make a purchase. During the purchase customer ensures three things:


  1.    The site from where the customer is making a purchase should be reliable and provide good support.
  1.    The company whose hardware customer plans to purchase should be reputable and known to provide a good after-sales service.
  1.    The cost of the product should be the best in the market.


The time a company takes to respond defines the first parameter. A positive review of the product and customer service scales the second. On the third front, businesses can win by fine-tuning the product cost to look better than the competitors.


Upon ascertaining these points, the customer proceeds to make a purchase. During the purchase, if the customer encounters any problems, he contacts the help desk or sends a message to the support team.


Retail outlets

Unlike E-Commerce business, retail outlets engage the customer at every step – from the moment he enters the store. Retail outlets employ people on standby, they use innovative tech like kiosks and install devices on the floor to let users surf through the product range.


Sales execs at retail outlets talk to the customers about their requirements.  They scout and present products that fit the customer’s criteria. Despite the personal touch at retail outlets, people like to shop online from the comfort of their home. Hence, retail outlets are fast losing their sheen.


The primary reason for closing or resizing an outlet is high operational costs with lower margins. Operational costs include the cost of space, salaries of executives, a limited stocking capacity and miscellaneous expenses. Eventually, retail outlets burn a hole in the pocket of consumers to cover up their operational costs.


Sales & Support is the differentiator!

In the above-presented use case, notice carefully that the primary focus is to serve the customer better by engaging with the customer in the best possible manner.


Here are four pointers, that will lead to customer engagement and hence gratification.


  1.    Make the customer experience more engaging at every step
  2.    Provide cues to the customer to make sure the customer does not get lost in his journey
  3.    Provide quick responses to make sure that the customer journey is frictionless
  4.    Make the customer feel valued at every step by providing enough assistance and attention.


There is a challenge for both retail outlets and eCommerce. While retailers struggle due to lack of executives at every outlet the latter finds it difficult due to lack of means to engage the customer.


The Streebo Chatbot Builder is the answer to all these problems. With the AI-powered Streebo Chatbot Builder, we ensure that the customer engagement takes a leap. Imagine a chat-based interface that answers most of the queries of a customer without the need for human intervention. Imagine an interface that finds the right product for the customer and assists in the purchase too. Streebo Chatbot Builder makes this possible.


How does Streebo Chatbot help?

The AI-powered Streebo Chatbot plugs-in to your website easily. The chatbot provides the customer a chat-based interface like the one shown below. This chat-based interface is connected to the backend database and retrieves the required information on demand.


The Streebo powered Chatbot answers consumer queries even when executives are not available. 24-hour customer service is a huge leap from the normal 10 am to 7 pm customer care. Additionally, below are some exceptional features of the Streebo Chatbot Builder that make it stand out in the market.


  1.    Multi-Lingual

With the power of Google and Watson cloud APIs, the Streebo Chatbot can translate customer queries in over 80+ languages today. The chatbot has a powerful backend that reduces training requirements to a great extent. All you need to do is train the NLP engine in English and enable all the languages you need in the chatbot. The chatbot backend takes care of providing translated queries to the NLP engine and translates the responses into the language desired by the client.


  1. Multi-Channel

The Streebo Chatbot builder is a low-code no-code solution. Expose the single code base to multiple channels like IBM Watson Workspace, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Whatsapp,

to name a few. You can also easily integrate any additional channels.   Save the effort that goes into training multiple NLP engines and creating different code bases for every channel.


  1. Transactional bot

Very few bots in the market today provide the facility to transact data. With Streebo Chatbot Builder powered by the Streebo Digital Accelerator backend, you can expose simple business forms over a chat-based interface in no time. The chatbot takes care of converting these forms into questions and executes seamless conversation with the client to get the form filled.


It’s easy to get started. So why are you waiting?

Get the Streebo Chatbot to be your 24*7 customer helpdesk. With Streebo Chatbot speed up your responses to the customer queries, assist your customers as and when they need, generate leads and gather data of potential leads and answer FAQs from the customers quickly.


Take this small step towards upgrading your customer service with an AI-powered customer service chatbot, translate opportunities into deals and take a huge leap towards increased ROI!

21 November, 2018

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