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Chatbots: New Trend in Customer Servicing

All of us have gone through the struggle of registering a complaint for a faulty product.  I often give up, after a few futile attempts like sending an email, calling the client service team and at times tweeting about the grievance. Somehow my mails get ignored and I receive the same clichéd response from a representative. This leaves me at my wit’s end. I pledge never to buy a product from this company again, only to fall into the trap once again.


Why does this happen? Are the client servicing reps receiving more complaints than they can handle? If that is the case, then deploying a chatbot to resolve client queries and grievances is a great Idea.


A lot of enterprises are investing in chatbot development platforms, that not only address customer grievances, but also help the customer choose a product/service based on the specifications received. According to a report by Gartner, 55% of established companies are investing in AI or planning to do so by 2020.


What does an AI-based chatbot do?

  • Understand Customers Problem
  • Respond with suitable answers
  • Analyze Natural Language Data
  • Process Information Collected and Gather Insights
  • Give Prompt and Personalized Responses
  • Resolve Customer Issues & Minimize calling time


Client Servicing outcomes leveraging AI-based chatbots

  • Allow customer servicing reps to concentrate on resolving complex customer queries
  • Handle common customer grievances easily and reduce number of complaints sent to call center
  • If the machine fails to understand a unique query in 3 trials, transfer call to the rep
  • Learn response from rep and use this knowledge when similar query props up again
  • Provide prompt response 24×7 – thus ensure customer satisfaction


If the customers get the help that they need – without a glitch, it reduces the dropout rates. If customers feel positive about your brand, they will keep coming back. Result- better sales, delighted customers and higher profits.


Chatbot powered by IBM + Streebo partnership

IBM Watson is a well-known name in the world of AI. IBM Watson is one of the most secure platform to build a chatbot. Any app or chatbot built on an IBM platform assures high security. Data and insights are never compromised.


Streebo as a partner, leverages IBM products like IBM Watson, Cloud and DX manager technologies to build the best chatbot using the Streebo DX Accelerator. The DX accelerator is a no-code / low code app development platform that allows rapid assembly of chatbot interfaces using the drag and drop feature. Streebo’s point and click integration feature makes integration of 3rd party backend systems (ERP, CRM or others) a breeze. Deploying Chatbot across the web, mobile apps or 3rd party chat clients like Facebook Messenger, becomes easy. The ease of building a chatbot with the DX accelerator, not only brings down the time taken to build a chatbot considerably but also cuts down the costs drastically.


To know more about how Streebo can help you build a chatbot for your business, contact us today!

20 September, 2018

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