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Equipment Leasing Firms: Increase vendor loyalty to ‘Sell’ more

Many businesses today are starting up and they are looking for avenues to reduce their capital expenditure. One major headache for finance teams of small or medium-sized businesses today is the cost of buying new manufacturing equipment, office furniture, computers and other office stationery. If you want to avoid purchasing all your equipment and incurring a heavy capital expenditure, then you should look towards equipment leasing. Equipment leasing firms are a godsend for cash strapped organizations looking for affordable monthly rentals for using equipment.




Customer Experience is Key


The equipment financing industry in the US has been growing slowly but steadily and every firm is looking for ways to sell faster and close more deals. There is intense competition among leasing firms to reach needy organizations fast, gain their trust, sell fast and then gain repeat business from customers. In a market with intense competition, your customer service plays a very big part in gaining loyalty and getting repeat business. If a customer is leasing furniture, they may also need computers or more furniture in the future and a great customer interaction and experience will ensure that the customer doesn’t look beyond you for future purchases. If your equipment leasing firm wants to gain more leads, sell more and serve your customers better, then you should try to understand the reasons for customer dissatisfaction and come up with tools and techniques for serving your customer better.


Embrace Mobile Today


If you are looking for a tool which can help you solve your customer grievances faster and stay connected to your customer, then look no further than mobile. Embracing mobile can create a superior customer experience for your organization and help you stand out amidst competition. Leading organizations across industries have realized the need to go beyond websites to create more personalized customer experiences and equipment leasing industry should also not fall behind. Going mobile will not just improve your customer experience but also has a lot of potential for cost savings in the future. A mobile app is that one medium which can keep you in front of your end customer ensuring repeat purchases as well as probability of getting references from the end customer.


Convenience and Flexibility at your fingertips


In today’s world of on-demand services, customers are looking for greater flexibility and convenience in their lease agreements too. Managed Services, pay-per-use leases and alternative financing schemes are the need of the hour for customers looking for leasing companies. Creating and managing these customized plans for each customer will need constant interaction with customer. Additionally, most of the customers are not well versed with rule changes and they feel the need to be in constant touch with the leasing firms for enquiry and grievance redressal. Having a mobile app will help your leasing firm stay connected with customers and solve their issues immediately, as and when they arrive. Additionally, you can share your experience through informational resources thus gaining credibility in the eyes of the customer and gaining trust.


An additional feature of mobile apps is push notifications and we can notify end customers about latest offers and promotions on their mobile phone itself. You can also notify your end customers about new policies which will help you gain cross selling and up selling opportunities. Additionally, leasing firms can use the in-app notification facility in the app to notify of payment schedules and rule changes.


So, if your company desires to leap ahead of competition, then this is the most optimum time for you to embrace mobile.


22 March, 2016

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