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Streebo helps a leading Utilities provider empower its workforce with real-time data capture

Headquartered in Gloucester, United Kingdom, our customer is one of the largest utilities provider improving homes and communities. With housing repairs, facilities maintenance, personal care and many other services, they have a lot of field officers collecting customer information.

In the home repairs division, electricians used to visit customer homes for checking their electrical equipment and then fix any issues they found. This process involved filling up technician checklist forms and taking them back to their office for further processing. This process of filling up the forms at customer locations, taking the filled forms back to their office and going back again in case of additional repairs was an extremely time consuming process.

Streebo Mobile Forms helped the utilities major increase their field services efficiency and reduce turnaround time by 40%. Download the case study to understand how we solved the problem.

You can now download the case study. Thanks for your Interest.

Thanks for your interest in our case study.

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