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7 Keys to Generating Opportunities Through Social Media

Research says that most customers spend about half an hour per day browsing various social media web pages. For marketers to generate maximum opportunity from these browsing habits, it’s imperative that you use social media properly.


Here are seven key points that can help you achieve this goal:


Determine your business goals. Focus on the metrics (KPIs) that really make a difference to your business.


Core Analysis
Utilize analytics as well as insights to explore your customers’ demographics, activities and preferences. Be vigilant and keep checking your results to see your strategies materialize. Choose a few metrics like click-through rate or engagement to see how you’re faring.


Target Audience
Search for an audience whom you want to reach out to. Target relevant customers and customize your messages according to what best suits their needs.


Combine social media marketing strategies and SEO to optimize your website landing pages. Make them engaging and interesting for your website viewers and visitors in order to drive maximum traffic.


Measure Growth
Keep your growth in check. Create a dashboard to help you keep track of your activities, which will help you make wiser decisions. Additionally, measure your growth results. This measurement could be based on traffic generation, sales, conversions, brand awareness, etc.


Social media marketing is as important as marketing through other channels, hence it requires a budget. Even a modest amount will likely suffice, provided ample time and effort is applied. Investing in these tools helps you analyze your data and traffic as well as suggests ways you can run a more successful campaign.


Engage Audience
Thinking of social media as a viewing tool can help you improve campaign performance. After all, it’s a well-known fact that images tend to engage people more than text content, so manage your content wisely. Chances are most of your potential customers are busy working professionals, so many won’t engage in reading lengthy matter but would but more likely to view an interesting image, which would just take a few seconds.
Social media has evolved into one of the most robust media channels for the promotion of organizational products and services. Although it has gained recognition in many developing economies, the percentage of businesses tapping its full marketing potential remains low.
However, research says that the usage and impact of social media is going to tremendously increase in the upcoming years. For more on the topic, check out Streebo’s previous post on the basics of social media and marketing.


The blog is originally published at IBM’s THINK Marketing Campaign

22 March, 2017

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