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ABC’s of Enterprise Mobility

A lot of business organizations and their IT Managers and employees are still finding their feet in the world of enterprise mobility and its know-how. Many come to us with their doubts, both technical and functional, for our expertise and guidance. We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and tried to answer them here for you. We’ve also given you a quick overview on how we can help mobilize your business in less than 8 weeks.


Q. 1. What is Enterprise Mobility all about?


The PC is on its way to extinction. The new rung in the evolutionary ladder of technology comprises of smartphones and tablets. The Consumerization of IT (CoIT) has expanded to give rise to the growth in the number of smartphones and tablets, each of which would very soon overtake the number of PC’s and laptops in the world.  The mobile is the new computer. In a world like this where the smart phones are the rage, the concept of taking your business mobile is called Enterprise mobility.

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Q. 2. So what exactly does the rise of the mobile market signify?


The growth of mobility implies that now customers, employees & partners, all work on mobile devices and hence create (and are part of) the mobile ecosystem. This signifies that eventually organizations will benefit more by adopting enterprise mobility solutions.


Q. 3. What is the advantage of going mobile?


Building a mobile enterprise leads to


  • Creating a smarter enterprise work culture and ideology.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Reductions in costs of operation.
  • Flexibility in work place options for employees.
  • Real time access to enterprise information.
  • Automation in workforce.


These ultimately lead to more satisfied customers, happier employees and a more effective management policy.


On the whole, mobility brings improvements to the employees and customers, coupled with key enhancements to the business process in general. User productivity and process implementation and practice are key drivers for businesses in today’s age.


Q. 4. Okay, I see the need for my business to go mobile. What are the challenges I shall face in taking my business mobile?


There would be many challenges along the way when an organization charts out a mobile strategy. The following are some of the major pain points faced by most businesses:


  • Support ever expanding number of mobile users.
  • Securely support all types of devices, including the ones brought by the employee based on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
  • Control TCO and costs of transition and implementation.
  • Mapping Business processes.
  • Maintain records of business analytics.
  • Access various backend to support mobile use cases.


Q. 5. How would you suggest we implement enterprise mobility in our organization? Do you have the right solution for us?


The Streebo Enterprise Mobile Solution is an end to end solution for all your mobility needs.Partnering with IBM and using their globally proven and deployed customer experience suite platform, we provide solutions for businesses to go mobile.


  • Back-end agnostic platform connects with all core applications & databases and enables seamless access to all devices.
  • Instant setup with enterprise ready apps as per Domain & Industry
  • In-built features like MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM (Mobile App Management) for data, application & device security.


Our 3-step approach to enterprise mobility takes your business to the next level by bringing mobility to your enterprise.


1.  BVA (Business Value Assessment): Initially, we understand and analyse your business requirements. Based on our analysis, we provide solutions for your enterprise mobility and even what kind of apps to create (web-based, hybrid or native). Once this assessment is done, we double-handshake with you about your needs. This phase typically lasts for one week.

2. Pilot App: Based on the BVA, we go to the drawing board and create a test Pilot App for your testing review and inputs. This phase typically lasts for 2 weeks.

3. Go Live: Based on your review inputs on the Pilot app, we develop your app using the IBM Customer Experience Suite and deploy your mobile app on your premises or on our Streebo cloud, depending on your requirements. This phase lasts for 4-5 weeks.


In all, we take you mobile in less than 8 weeks!


We at Streebo offer Implementation, Hosting & Training Services to our clients and have successfully worked with many clients including ANICO, YUM, Verizon, Citibank, MATCO, Gartner and GCU.

21 May, 2012

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