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Empower your Insurance Agents with Apps that Work Even when Offline

The idea that the world is more connected than ever is true. Yet, mobile users do not have network access all the time. There are people living and working in remote areas where internet connection is inaccessible or restricted. Today, enterprises mostly operate by majority of data stored online. It is very difficult to store, update and manage data for enterprises having field workers working in distant areas where internet connections are not available. It is extremely important for mobile apps to able to communicate to the back-end server even during lack of a network connection. Offline Access has now become imperative in enterprise apps and can make or break your business.

Insurance is one such industry, having a substantial number of field agents visiting customers, enrolling new prospects and performing self-service functions. In absence of internet connectivity, they would be greatly disadvantaged if their mobile app didn’t function offline. One of the biggest reasons for mobilizing field personnel processes was to enable them to send information to backend systems on the go and they would be hugely handicapped if the app doesn’t function in no network areas. The application shouldn’t break in offline mode, thus rendering your agents, useless and providing a very bad user experience. With every business trying to reach customers far and wide, it is essential to empower insurance agents with an offline support functionality as network access is not in the control of the user.


With offline apps, the insurance agents could perform their tasks without any hindrance and easily collect and transmit information anywhere, anytime. Enrolling customers, managing leads, creating reports, viewing customer history, scheduling meetings with prospects and many other tasks can be done even when offline, thus increasing agent productivity. Moreover, their insurance agent would receive all the updates made by the customer offline while he is on the move, saving time in servicing customers.


Does your enterprise need to build an Insurance Agent app with offline support?


Streebo’s Digital Experience Accelerator, with its unique Low Code Automation Tool, makes it easy for IT teams to build Insurance Agents app with offline support. Moreover, its point and click interface makes integration to enterprise backends seamless, thus ensuring that agents are on top of all products and leads in real time. If you are struggling with your existing insurance agent apps, get in touch with Streebo to develop omnichannel insurance solutions powered by IBM Technology.

08 March, 2018

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