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Mobile is Key to Efficient Data Collection in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals are a major part of the healthcare industry and cater to trillions of patients worldwide every year. Every patient has a different problem and a different medical history. Patients might visit the hospital ‘n’ no of times for various tests, operations etc. every year. So, every visit is a record that must be presented to the hospital. Now, if this record is not stored properly, it must be collected once again on the next visit. Even if the record is collected, some of this data that is being stored on paper or spreadsheets will have to enter into a backend database to ensure data recovery. Not every hospital or medical clinic is storing patient data for future use.


The Problems With A Haphazard Data Collection Is

  • Poor Data Quality
  • Low Data Security
  • Inefficient Processes
  • Time Wastage
  • Unhappy Patients

All of this ultimately leads to rising hospital costs. The key to moving ahead of the competition is ‘change’. In this era, one must change with technology to satisfy the changing customer needs. If one does not change with time, it could lead to lower quality of healthcare and thus unsatisfied patients.

healthcare data collection methods importance


So How Can One Provide High Quality Healthcare To Each Patient That Drops By?
The key to better patient service is spending more time on patient care rather than paperwork. There must be a system that collects all data in a single system which can be accessed by all patients as well as hospital staff from the lower level right up to the highest level. There must be data access control at each level too to control data flow. Removing paper-based data collection can lead to superior patient care and increase efficiency of the hospital.

How Will Streamlined Data Collection Process Across All Devices Benefit Hospitals?

Mobility in healthcare is growing day by day, and healthcare leaders have been working on improving patient care using mobile data collection at every step. If a patient visits the hospital anytime, the entire medical history should be available with the doctor at his fingertips. Wouldn’t your patient be happy about it? Wouldn’t you be able to relate easily and find the problem quickly by looking at the patient’s history? At large hospitals, treating patients across different doctors would be easier through easier information dissemination. A new doctor can access all the patient data online and know everything about the patient before meeting him. He addresses the patient asking if he feels better about his earlier problems and if they have been cured. Wouldn’t that impress the patient?

Benefits For The Healthcare Industry With Mobile Data Collection


• No Data Redundancy
Every time a patient visits the hospital, basic information about the patient is collected again like name, number, date of birth, problem, etc. With an automated system, every time a person enters the hospital and provides his identification record (citizen id, mobile number etc.), his existing medical record would be found & shared with the doctor. So even if he visits multiple departments in the hospital, there is only one record of him.


• Accurate Data
With data being stored online in a single place rather than 1000s of paper-based forms or files of the same patient, the data collected will surely be more accurate.


• Security
On paper-based forms, it is possible that anybody can access the information, but with mobile/web-based forms, there are options where you can give access to the right departments as per the data they require. Thus, the data remains secure.


• Superior Service at a Lower Cost
With Mobile data collection, the cost of paper, files, data entry operators etc. reduces. Also with the improved system efficiency leading to less time consumption, the employee productivity gets a boost, thus saving a lot of money.


• Increased Efficiency
Individual departments, e.g. radiologists, do not have access to patient history that was collected by other departments. It would be great if the radiologists can access the reports portion to look for a record filed by the X-ray group. This makes things more convenient for the radiologist and improves efficiency.


• Analytics and Decision Making
With the help of the historical data, it is much easier for the doctor to analyze and take quick decisions for the patient. They could know about the success ratio of doctors, which doctor and departments underperforming, where are they facing problems, where do they get the maximum revenue from, complaints etc. and thus take major decisions.


• Other Features
Mobile data collection has features like PDF conversion and email options. As soon as patient report is generated, it could be sent to the patient via mail rather than the patient coming to collect the report handy. It saves a lot of time as well as paper.


Don’t you think that all the major problems that a healthcare industry face can be solved with simple mobile data collection app. Once you go mobile, there are AI features like chatbots that can be explored to move a step further and reach the top level of customer service.


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20 June, 2018

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