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3 Trends Dominating the Enterprise Mobility Market & How Mobility is Driving Business Decisions

The term enterprise mobility does not only refer to empowering your workers with mobile devices, but also provide corporate functions and mobilizing their work. Mobility has brought in an advanced form of collaboration and business efficiency in organizations.  Considering this growing efficiency driven by Mobile adoption, enterprise mobility must become a key strategy for every business. It is not surprising to see almost every organization developing a mobile strategy.


In today’s global marketplace, enterprise mobility offers an array of benefits that mainly includes improvised productivity, augmented revenue and operational efficiency. With increasing number of business users demanding access to corporate data anytime and anywhere, mobility devices and solutions have become an integral component of every growing business.

Enterprise Mobility is Capturing Every Business Owner’s Mindshare


According to a recent study ‘Return on Mobile’ by IBM, 62% of IT managers with a clearly defined mobile strategy achieve ROI in less than 12 months. The same study revealed that organizations that have accomplished their business mobility goals were able to bring new revenue streams online 35% faster than companies that only focused on individual productivity needs. Every 4 of 5 executives planned to run at least 5 enterprise mobility initiatives over the next year.


Key Enterprise Mobility Market Trends


There are 3 key initiatives that have been targeted by CTOs and IT Managers towards achieving the goal of mobilizing their business


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Allowing your employees the ability to access work-related information from their personal devices anytime, anywhere is known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD initiatives helps business reduce on infrastructure costs, faster response time and a more satisfied and engaged workforce.


Artificial Intelligence Proliferation

As enterprises are expanding, the number of customer interactions are increasing exponentially and handling these customer or employee concerns becomes highly important. Personal assistants, chat bots and machine learning are making an appearance in enterprise apps, making them smarter and helping in customer acquisition, superior service and faster problem resolution.


Migration to Cloud

All businesses are quickly adoption cloud technology for storing their enterprise data. Cloud has allowed users. With rising enterprise data, the easy availability, security and affordability of cloud storage has resulted in numerous business preferring cloud for storing their enterprise data.


Mobility has become an essential part of every individual’s lives and it is now imperative for businesses to get work done through mobile devices. Enterprises today have started recognizing the value of empowering their workforce with anytime access to office systems but there is a long way to go before they start reaping the benefits of enhanced productivity and efficiency


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14 July, 2017

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