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Grow Retail Business with a Personalized User Experience

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, retail businesses must look at newer channels to stay in constant touch with customers. With the rise in competition and the plethora of options for the consumer, shoppers are looking beyond physical stores and gradually exploring the digital retail world. Enterprises that don’t adapt to this digital movement would suffer consequences and lose customers.


A mobile app for any retailer is not a luxury anymore, it is a vital criterion to stay abreast with the competition. If your retail organization doesn’t have a superb mobile app, or worse still, doesn’t have a mobile app at all, you are bound to spend a lot of time chasing competitors and slowly seeing a reduction in customers, as they move to the digital side.


If you run a multi-million dollar business or are a small mom and pop store with a large local customer base, mobile is the easiest channel to reach new/existing customers and grow the business.


Need for Mobile Apps in Retail Industry

Most consumers seek convenience on their smartphones so that they can easily find and buy the products of their choice.  A superb buying experience will ensure return customers, thus resulting in repeat purchases. Through retail app development retailers can create closer connections and meet the unique buying patterns of customers.


Retailers today offer apps which make product browsing, reward programs and suggestion engines easier, and consequently appeals to the unique needs of the customer. Easy to use apps with personalized offerings for each customer will help to strengthen the brand loyalty.


Benefits of Retail App Development


Build Brand Loyalty

Exclusive offers, rewards and coupons will entice customers to return repeatedly


Improved Customer Experience

Targeted campaigns with flawless customer experience will help to enrich customer journeys


Increased User Base

Referral programs and push notifications help in introducing current offerings to new users


More Customer Touch Points

Message features or live chats enhance customer support and helps in superior customer engagement.


Superior in-store experience

Customers can now look at all offerings in the app before final selection in the physical store, thus significantly reducing wait times in store.


Functionalities for Improved Product Selection

Features like price checker, reviews, social share, geolocations, 3D previews help the customer reach the decision stage faster.


Build Superb Retail Application with Streebo

To empower employees with the best digital experience, Streebo’s mobile expertise can help to create engaging user experiences to allure them to visit our app frequently. Streebo’s Mobile Retail App is a ready-to-run mobile and tablet app which helps to deliver a personalized yet consistent shopping experience. Our retail app solution is backed by an analysis of the customer behavior which helps in brand building, drive sales and thus delighting customers.


Whether you sell burgers or shirts or mobile phones, look no further than the Streebo Retail app development solution to grow your business.


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08 February, 2018

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