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iPhone 7 : The Buzz and Beyond

Amidst all the pre-buzz around iPhone 7 over Twitter and various other social channels, Apple “officially” unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


It is a little less encouraging for the Apple fans worldwide, the media and everyone following iPhone as Apple has made virtually no changes to the external design of its iPhone for the third consecutive year. With the smaller incremental changes in the processor, battery life and camera, would it rescue the company from the sales slump?


iPhone 7 : The Buzz and Beyond

The age of Enterprise Mobility

Here is a different take on it –


First let’s look at some history. As a company, Apple had put all it’s time, money and efforts to bring remarkable innovation in the mobile industry with its smart phone back in 2007. Remember those days when the launch of iPhone instantly obsoleted every other smartphone on the planet in every way that mattered. Gradually, it took the smart phone from niche to mainstream.


Apple has already established itself as a leader in innovation and revolutionized the mobile phone industry. If you are a marketer, you would definitely agree with me on this – to recover the cost of that innovation would definitely take some years and you would not want to come up with a new product until the costs are recovered, while the market is still enjoying its benefits. It would not make sense for Apple to innovate drastically on every iPhone model they come up with. The “iPhone” in itself is a revolution and you should not expect more. Still, Apple is doing its best to constantly upgrade its technology and come up with small but significant changes in various aspects of hardware and software. It is important for the market to realize this and understand that iPhone that we see today is already the best in category smart phone. And there is a saturation point to anything and everything, and Apple has done its best to make all the possible changes to the form factor of a smart phone. Moreover, Apple is innovating with its other line of products as well as coming up with new- The Apple Car.


Key take away for us as companies is to understand that –Change is the only constant in today’s world and innovation is inevitable to sustain and grow.


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08 September, 2016

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