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Reinforce Employee Engagement by Tapping into the Power of Mobility!


An engaged workforce is a key factor in a company’s growth. Companies with engaged employees generate 2.5 times more revenue as they are continuously motivated and focused on the business goals. Even though employee engagement is a long-term game, it starts by addressing the basic needs and grievances of the employees. It is crucial to empower the workforce to voice their opinions, stay informed and participate in taking important decisions.


With a wide range of information available at their fingertips, employees today do not think twice before switching companies even if they are well paid. Employee expectations have risen much beyond the pay scale and the unique ways that organizations employ to retain employees play a key role in keeping them motivated and satisfied. According to a Gallup study, 59% engaged employees are less likely to look for a job within a year compared to the disengaged ones. Replacing employees costs a lot more than retaining the ones who have been trained and are acquainted with the company’s work culture. Majority of organizations put in the required efforts to retain their top employees and maintaining a highly connected workforce.


The rise of mobile technology has changed the way organizations conduct employee engagement initiatives. Along with the technology advancements, the organizational workforce has also become diversified. There are employees working in remote areas and different time zones who need to stay updated about the company’s activities. With this solution, mobile technology is being adopted by a number of organizations to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees by helping them stay connected with the office anytime, anywhere. Organizations have understood how employee engagement and mobilization go hand in hand and are necessary to sustain competition.


The changing workforce dynamics have made it crucial for organizations to tap into the power of mobility to keep the employees engaged. An effective employee engagement solution provides multiple features within a mobile app.

1). Wikis, Blogs, Forums

Intranets foster strong internal communication in an organization by allowing employees to initiate discussions, participate and share ideas and display all the information in a well-organized manner. Having all the required information on a single platform enables better and faster solutions.


2). Information discovery and smart search

It is difficult to browse through a number of files and folders to find specific content since intranets are loaded with information. Employees should have all the required documents at their fingertips. Organized categorization of information, smart search facility with suggested results and a seamless navigation system increases employee productivity by saving time.


3). Streamlined user interface

The UI/UX of an intranet should be streamlined with easy navigation through, various categories, drop down menus and overall layout. The user interface impacts the usage and adoption of the mobile intranet.


4). Employee Directory

It is important to have a section on the intranet where employees can easily know each other. Employee profiles with all the necessary information like their profile, department, extension number etc. enables employees to know their colleagues on a more personal level.


5). Security and Integration

Mobile intranets should include multiple layers of security and password protection to secure data from misuse or theft. They should also be integrated to the enterprise back-ends to fetch relevant data and generate reports regularly.


An effective employee engagement solution has become an integral part of the modern business landscape. Employees are continuously looking to grow further, and it becomes difficult for organizations with low engagement initiatives to retain the workforce. On the other hand, the efficiency and productivity of a highly engaged workforce maximizes the ROI of the business.


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07 December, 2018

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