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Streebo DX Accelerator – Gateway to Multichannel Applications

As a business user, I often wondered about how massive and complex an IT system /application is. I always felt indebted to the techies for the way they are transforming businesses with the help of applications.
With increased demand for multi touchpoints from business, there is always a demand for a new application meeting this business need. This over the course of time has increased the complexity of the systems involved and in turn the time to market. There are so many systems now in place that it now becomes impossible for a noob like me to understand the systems, which led me to feel crippled at a time there is a peak business need for a new application. The wait time for a new app rollout seems like an eternity.
With this issue at the back of our minds, we at Streebo start exploring on how we can streamline this application rollout cycle and meet the business time, and thus with this problem in mind the idea of Streebo DX Accelerator came into existence. In our research labs, we started exploring different ways in which we can create a platform that allows people with limited tech knowledge to build, assemble and deploy multi-channel applications in no time.

With Streebo Dx Accelerator which we know is ‘the gateway to multi-channel applications’ – the business teams can expect a minimum rollout time, lower cost of development, and also if willing, they themselves can transform and build the applications – however as part of the governance requirement, the entire application release still lies with the IT. This is all covered with the help of built-in fully customizable workflow engine. Not only apps, we are also able to provide a “Multilingual Conversational Interface” without any coding efforts with the help of this gateway.
With such a tool in place, businesses now can evolve and adapt to the dynamic changes with ease.
I started exploring myself whether it was possible for me to create applications – and to my surprise, I was able to create a multi-channel leave management system within no time. As a user and manager in the organization – imagine the scenario where I am conversing with this application with statements and intents such “apply for 7 days leave in September starting from 10th as I would be out for a trek” without even opening any sort of intranet application. From a manager perspective, I can just say – “please fetch me details of my team members leave requests” and voila – I am able to view these records on FB Messenger, WhatsApp and subsequently I get the option of approving/rejecting without navigating anywhere, or opening up a laptop device – imagine how business would be transformed if we are able to provide these multiple touchpoints to internal stakeholders.
Now, just think of how this Conversational platform can transform the customer experience as well – to imagine this, we would first need to understand how today’s world is structured. Let’s say for instance, an existing customer needs to view details about his existing life insurance policy (renewal date) – in the current scenario, he would either need to reach out to his agent or login to the web portal – fetch the details by adding the policy number, and in most cases would also need to reset his password as this is generally a one time activity every year.
In today’s world, the existing customers as well as target customers all spend their major time on a social media platform, so asking them to open up a new interface will be similar to forcing someone to move outside one’s comfort zone leading to a disruption in their habit loop. With this unique Conversational Platform (Streebo Bot builder/ Dx Accelerator) , organizations now can provide this experience in their comfort zone as well without any technical knowledge and for your existing customers – you’d be eventually providing an enhanced Cx without disrupting their routine. For instance, your existing customer could open up the chat in messenger and simply type/speak – “when is my renewal due” and the journey then continues as it used to in the current world.
So, if you are a product manager looking to increase adoption, or a client success manager or even leading the IT department in your organization and have this vision to transform your workplace – please feel free to connect with us, where we can provide more details on this platform.

14 May, 2019

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