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The future of Employee Engagement lies in our hands


Gallup’s State of the global workplace states that only 13% of an organization’s employees are engaged at work. Employee Engagement is the key responsibility of the HR in an organization, and a company usually has a lot of elements in place to help facilitate this situation, but in spite of so many tools available there has been no significant rise in employee engagement. New generations of mobile savvy employees are joining the workforce trend and it is important to keep up with the times and have an app to critically engage and mobilize your employees to work more efficiently.


Smartphones have put power in the pockets of more than 1 billion global consumers, and Mobile is the essence of a major shift into new systems of engagement. These new systems of engagement help companies to empower their employees with smart solutions and context-aware apps.


When establishing a mobile savvy engaged workforce, the benefits you would receive include:

  • Employees savvy with the mobile age learn faster when introduced to the mobile learning curve.
  • Mobile self-service helps to fuel operational efficiency.
  • Teams focused on engagement help maximize workflow efficiency.

An ideal employee engagement solution will instigate the want to work in your employees using three basic steps:

  • Empower everywhere: “Innovate, Collaborate, Educate” makes an employee engage better with the organization via mobile web and desktop even when offline.
  • Engagement: With a user friendly and inspiring user interface, employees will enjoy the environment they work in.
  • Inspiring Innovation: a people centric environment and set of tools enables ideas and efficiencies to thrive.

Looking five years into the future! What would your employees want?

Workers five years in the future will be looking for a more connected environment. Steps taken to increase employee engagement via mobilization in the industry are now being adopted by a number of companies. Companies that have adopted various methods and tools to increase employee engagement and facilitate mobilization understand that taking these steps is necessary to keep a company current and competitive.


“Mobile First” is the new implementation in employee engagement. With the introduction of “work from home” and mobile positions employees can now complete extensive duties from their immediate location increasing employee engagement significantly.


An effective employee engagement solution enables HR’s and senior executives to engage with employees more efficiently and collaborate on a more effective scale, thus increasing overall employee productivity. It allows the HR to automate workforce management so as to allow employees to for the better part ‘self-serve’ themselves so that HR can effectively review any issues and deal with them immediately. An HR suite is the best way to automate this situation to maximize results pertaining to employee engagement.


Streebo is one such organization that brings you the best employee engagement solution in the industry, tried and tested by recurring users. What does Streebo offer?

  • Security: Employee data is sensitive and all steps are taken to safeguard this data.
  • Tool for form creation: Building of workflow related apps are made easy without the help of IT.
  • In app analytics: To maximize and monitor employee turnover and make easy the recruitment process
  • Push Notifications: to inform employees of notable events, benefits and even policy changes.
  • Increments: faster HR processes give way to revenue growth.
  • Integration: Easy integration in existing backend so as to ensure no loss of data.
  • Collaboration Enhancement: Improving communication will help you plan significantly better.


Employee Engagement is a very important part of maximizing ROI in any business and the right employee engagement solutions will facilitate a steady and efficient flow of information within your company. Contact Streebo for a demo on an efficient employee engagement solution compacted to benefit your company.

13 November, 2017

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