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The Must-Have Features for Every Enterprise App Store

The BYOD phenomenon has brought along with it a new trend of enterprise app stores. Users now use a variety of apps on their smartphones and tablets. Supporting mobility is a key factor now for enterprises to achieve increased employee productivity and flexibility, thus leading to more profits and retention.


Enterprises will support their users with a barrage of apps for use. Enterprises control these apps by creating their own internal Enterprise App Store (EAS). Almost every enterprise that has a variety of device users and apps will need to have an EAS. There are many advantages of having an app store. These I have listed out in a separate post.




We, at Streebo, understand the need for an EAS, and believe that there are a few key features that every Enterprise App Store needs. These are the most critical features of every App Store:


Support multiple mobile device platforms


Your Enterprise App Store must support multiple mobile platforms. Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone are the bare minimum. Some EAS’ may also need to support Samsung’s Linux OS Bada too. Every employee would have different devices, and the EAS must support all these.


Access as per permissions


Users should be able to access and download apps only as per permissions set by the administrator. For example, team members should not be able to download apps created for managers.


Secure downloads only


Single sign-on has to be integrated within an enterprise app store. Any IT team cannot allow unsecured connection app downloads. All app downloads have to be via a secure SSL or VPN tunnel only. Identifying malicious code entered by hackers or viruses, or even disgruntled employees should be done constantly.


Push Notifications


Notifications regarding updates and other events should be done using the push capability of the mobile devices.


Device Registration and Management


Maintain a database of all users and their devices. Every user should register their devices with the IT team to maintain the sanctity and integrity of the enterprise app store. Data integrity could be compromised if this is not done properly.


Centralized Admin Control


Administrators should have an easy, intuitive control interface to add, remove or update apps in the enterprise app store, and to control users and devices in the network.


Whatever strategy your organization takes to go mobile, remember that above all, your enterprise app store is a key element in it, and upholding its integrity and maintaining it correctly could ease a lot of challenges and problems that you face in mobilization.


26 May, 2012

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