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The Rise of Enterprise Mobility and How Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can Benefit from it

Mobility, it all started with a single seemingly innocuous device that enterprises provisioned and managed, and has now evolved to include a multitude of devices owned by a rapidly growing user base. The complexity associated with mobility is driving enterprises to seek help, paving the way for managed mobility services.

Small and Mid-market enterprises are increasingly turning to managed service providers to manage their Mobility operations. This presents a growing opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

The rise of

Managed mobility services is a range of offerings generally encompassing the entire lifecycle of a mobile solution. A service provider is either helping with some or all of the deployment and management aspects of a solution, or they may be hosting the solution or taking an active role doing everything on behalf of the customer. At the very least, managed mobility services (MMS) include some or all of the following, as part of an enterprise mobility management suite.   


  • Mobile Device Management


  • Containerization


  • Application and Security Management


  • Enterprise Application Store Management


These services are often tied together with a range of professional services, consulting, management, and support in terms of device integration, testing and deployment.



10 March, 2015

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