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Mobile Automation is the way forward for Insurance Companies to grow digitally

The world is getting increasingly digitized today with customers and employees increasing relying on smartphones for all their tasks. According to the Aberdeen Group, nearly three-quarters of American companies allows the employee-owned smartphones and/or tablets to be used in their workplace.  Markets&Markets in one of their enterprise mobility reports have forecasted the BYOD market to rise from $ 67 billion to $ 181 by end of 2017.  CBS MoneyWatch has noted that more than 2/3rd users in the US bring their own devices to work. Gartner has predicted that 95 percent of organizations in America will support and allow the corporate applications to be used on personal devices of the employees of the company.


In the insurance industry, around half the insurance companies are still managing their internal and external processes using paper-based forms. Thousands of insurance agents on the road are losing valuable time with clients by having to go to the clients place to capture the insurance details of the customer and return to the office to process paperwork and convert the insurance application into a policy. Additionally, other issues associated with paper forms are difficult to store, slows down the review process, limited collaboration,etc.



With Streebo’s automation approach, all the paper based processes at any insurance company can be easily converted to an automated and error-free digital process. A mobile app for insurance agents creates new opportunities to engage with end customers better. An app easily enables the insurance agents to look up their leads, track activities, manage and pursue customer appointments, reach out to the customers or even build quotes on-the-go, in real time and thus simplifying insurance agent’s life. With offline support afforded by Streebo Mobile Forms, agents can fill out the data regardless of where they are and this would not hinder their work even in low to no network regions. Organizations can also start implementing the BYOD policy for their agents as they are already used to using their own smartphones and that would improve efficiency and reduce learning curve.



From the customer point of view, customers can save a lot of time in applying for insurance policies through an automated mobile application. With functionalities like image capture, GPS and E-signatures, customers can now take a picture of their application or send claim related documents or images through their mobile device, thus reducing time and effort as well as having transparent and speedy processes.



Developing apps using traditional processes doesn’t have the flexibility afforded by mobile automation tools like Streebo Mobile Forms. With changing regulatory requirements and increasing evolving customer expectations, insurance organizations must roll out new features and make changes quickly to their existing apps to stay relevant. Streebo Mobile Forms helps in making these changes faster through its programming free development approach that reduces app maintenance costs as well.


Go Mobile with Streebo Mobile Forms !!

21 September, 2017

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