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Spread your Mobile Banking Services with a Field Sales app!

With the abundant increase of smartphones and rising use of mobile banking applications, financial institutions are now exploring ways beyond traditional marketing channels. Smartphones can help increase reach of your banking offerings and help target the appropriate audience at the right time. Recent advancements in mobile technology provide a win-win situation to banks and customers, help in opening new markets for banks along with giving them an edge in cut-throat competition. Majority of banks have incorporated a field sales app in their business processes to empower field agents to capture information anytime, anywhere.


Field sales apps are way beyond just capturing accurate customer information. They enable real-time and secure transfer of data to any existing core banking system, thus ensuring faster processing and superior customer experience. Field agents are the first point of contact for customers and any successful deal depends on their professional conduct. With holistic apps that provide all company information, product portfolio and customer care modules at their fingertips, agents can now communicate easily, answer all customer queries confidently and provide self-service to customers real fast.




With accurate information capture and seamless interaction of internal agents with offices and customers, field sales apps save significant amount of time, reduce operational expenses and help complete business processes efficiently. Field Sales apps support banks right from customer on-boarding to customer servicing, thus enhancing agent productivity and efficiency.


Mobile technology empowers agents with the ability to perform critical tasks while being on the field. Field sales apps enable banking agents to perform key functions like scheduling tasks, follow ups, searching for leads and much more. As access to all company and customer information becomes handy, agents can categorize prospects based on various criteria for a successful sales pitch. Agents can also send real time reports to the top management, ensuring 100% transparency in the process. One key benefit of having a field sales app in banking is that it increases the conversion rate.


With application forms filled from their mobile phones or tablet, data can be directly sent for processing, thus reducing time lag in the customer decision making process. A smooth customer on-boarding process provides opportunities to cross sell or upsell. Retaining customers is as difficult as on-boarding them. Field sales apps offer considerable support in after sales services which is important for building sustainable customer relationships. These apps display alerts, reminders, show customer query updates and, send birthday and anniversary reminders to field agents. Such personalized services increase the banks credibility and customer’s trust in them.


Going digital extends the value of services available and enhances the connection between agents and customers. Unbound access and transparency in the system through an app is an ideal platform for banks planning their future strategy. Field sales apps and advanced mobile technology has huge benefits and allows banks to reach the customer. Field agents armed with mobile technology can be connected to the office from remote locations, thus driving business and enabling banks to extend existing services and expanding into new service areas.

23 July, 2018

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